Welcome to the final day of 2010.  What a great year this has been.  There were lots of stories written and sent out, yet great anticipation of the many still left to write.  Each time the mailman’s tires squeak to a stop, I feel like a child again.  Is there a letter for me?  An acceptance? As if writing weren’t fun enough, knowing that any day could be Christmas makes all of the editing (and editing and editing) worth it.

My biggest writing coup of 2010 was my new writing partner, Margie.  We get together faithfully every week to drink coffee and keep each other sane.  She is there to encourage me when I can’t bear to look at a manuscript another minute and to cheer for me when I finally get it right.  We help each other with motivation and deadlines and trust each other enough to tell it like it is even when we don’t really want to hear it.  Don’t have a writing partner?  You should get one.  Sorry, Margie is spoken for.

What was your greatest writing accomplishment of 2010? Did you get published, finish your first draft, or even finally put pen to paper?  I would love to hear about it.

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