Writing Workshops and Events

Writing events are back! I’ve got a variety of in-person, virtual, and self-paced workshops and courses, plus other opportunities to make your writing better. Join our community of enthusiastic writers. We welcome you!

Newark Arts Alliance
Open Mic Night

First Tuesdays at 7 pm
Virtual via Zoom
FREE (donations accepted)

Share your stories or poetry with other writers and poets. Get your writing in front of others while building your network in the writing community.  Please contact the NAA to get on the email list. Registration is limited to those living in and around Delaware.
(It’s a community thing.)

Write! Publish! Sell! Workshop

March 21 from 4-6 pm
The Palette & The Page

Whether you want to write a book as a marketing tool for your business, for your career as a writer, or as a creative hobby, find out how YOU can self-publish a book and sell it online on sites such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble and at in-person events. This course will take you on a tour of writing, pricing, publishing, and marketing your book, plus a whole lot more. This interactive workshop will leave you with a solid understanding of the self-publishing industry and how you and your book fit in.


Storytime and Book Signing

Thursday, April 6th 10-11:30 am
Private event

I’m sharing Don’t Touch That, Oscar! with little ones and sharing some activities. I would love to visit your school or library! Please contact me to schedule a visit!

Book Signing

Friday, April 7th from 5-8 pm
First Fridays at The Palette & The Page
120 E. Main St., Elkton, MD


Join me at a fabulous gallery, The Palette & The Page, for a fun First Friday in Elkton event. In addition to my book signing, peruse the gallery that’s adorned with varied artwork by local artisans. Enjoy wine and light snacks, plus enjoy other First Friday events up and down Main St.


Adventures in Writing Nonfiction

A roadmap for writing a book people want to read

A self-paced, video-based online course

If you’re tired of piecing together bits of information you find from articles, blogs, and one-off workshops (I know I was), Adventures in Writing Nonfiction is an all-in-one solution. You get step-by-step instructions, but, more importantly, you get a proven structure, inspiration, and the confidence to get your book done. There is even a free trial to get you started.

Need a speaker?

Attention event organizers! Are you looking for a dynamic speaker or workshop presenter for your next conference or event? Contact me to speak at your writing conference, book fair, critique group, or next business or service meeting!

Need more info? Download my speaker one-sheet here.

Well designed workshop. Attendees participated, yet, the instructor “stayed” with her outline. I, personally, learned a great deal and will begin my writing experience this month. Thank you.


Lois is super friendly and engaged with the workshop attendees’ personal goals. She offered advice tailored to each person here with enthusiasm. Thank you!


Gave me valuable places to start the process of my book.

Tina Bradbury

Good overall information.

Rufus J. Davis, Jr.

This workshop will help you think about the who, what and why of book writing. This workshop helped me get my creative juices flowing.

Lisa Bryant

Lois Hoffman presents an information-filled workshop that guides authors toward the best ways of publishing and marketing their books. Very helpful.

Everyone writing knows what they are writing, but not what to do with it. All typed up and nowhere to go. This workshop helps direct that.

Scott Rinehart

Lois covers a great deal of information that is valuable.

Marti C.

Covers all the nuts and bolts of self-publishing.

Geraldine Lucas-Haji

Thank you, Lois. It was an exciting experience. I had a great time listening to your valuable information.


Lois is very knowledgeable about the subject matter. She keeps the workshop flowing and the agenda helps to keep it on track.

Sue Peterson

This course was fun and very informative. The instructor did a great job!

Ashanti Wright

Great workshop. Very informative. I highly recommend this speaker for anyone thinking of writing a book.

Pete Kamenik

This workshop covered all the basics I needed to start a blog. This workshop takes out the guesswork and gives me practical action steps to get started.

Natasha Smith

Bright animated speaker captures the imagination.


Your workshop was very, very informative on the publishing aspect of getting from idea and writing to the finished product.

Edmund Lincoln

Lois is great. Kept it interesting and light. Great information.

Lois was very informative, interesting, and knowledgeable about all things tied into social media.

Very organized presentation. Linear, made sense. I like the step-by-step process.

Blythe Duffy

Excellent content and delivery; addressed a wide range of interests and concerns; modeled a positive method of communication; the time just flew by!

Donna Hitchner

It was excellent.

Fran Barkdt

This workshop was very informative and helped me to organize my thoughts as I prepare to start blogging about my event planning business.

Sonya, Moments That Matter Event Planning

This workshop was clear and fun, and helpful. Thank you. Great overview.

Very informative. Engaging and interactive.

Cheryl Jenkins

I am so glad I decided to take part in this workshop. It helped me to clarify my progression of activities for the book.

Lesley Bisthire

I can’t believe how much practical information Lois was able to include in 90 minutes! I feel like I could do this!

Elaine Niemann

I really enjoyed it. A lot of good information. Thank you so much!!

Pamela Lynn Davis

Lois is very knowledgeable, positive, and helpful.

Christine Shaw

Lois was fun, informative, and interesting.

Amy Richardson

This workshop was helpful and a great start to learning what you need to start your own book.

Covered the subject well in an informative manner.


Lois is energetic and her delivery is quite informative. I’m glad I attended!

Mary Konwinski

I particularly appreciated the active question and answer sessions and the detailed subject matter covered.

Lynette Adair, Author of The Sea Sprite Inn

I found Lois to be engaging, informative, helpful, and genuine. I’m very glad I drove the distance to see her.

Cynthia Peters

Lois is great at explaining all her information on the subject of the writing process. This info is very much needed to be known for someone who is truly interested in writing seriously.

Regina Goodbred

I got information I had not thought of. The workshop gave me some direction. Two hours packed with tons of helpful information to start and post a successful blog.

Renee Fisher

Lois was very helpful and gave good information for writing and going to the next level.

Jennifer Cummings

This was an amazing workshop. I learned more than I anticipated from today’s session. I look forward to following up to gain more insight.

Tanya Johniken

There was so much information! Can’t wait for more workshops to learn more!

Kimie Ranken, Co-Owner, The Gallery at 122 Main

I learned some good info here. Thank you so much!

Dean Coffin

Lois Hoffman is passionate about communication in its many forms. She is an amazing resource for simply getting started and on your way.

Pam Zimmermann

I appreciate the truthful information and real cases explained. This workshop was authentic, inspiring and full of information easy to understand. Make the idea of becoming an author more accessible and less complicated.

Erika G.

Great workshop, delivered with positive energy and authority. A comprehensive overview of self-publishing, very useful. Glad I attended – gave me a real boost.

Dave Guseman

Outstanding workshop! Thank you!

Sharon Bruen, City of Newark

Thanks for offering time for people to ask questions. Very informative and kind.

Christine Shaw

Lois Hoffman knows her “social media stuff.” She leads a great workshop that allows for discussion, sharing, and questions. I learned so much and am encouraged.

Patti Paulus, Co-Owner, The Palette & The Page

You are a lively and engaging speaker.

Lois is a very interesting, amicable, and intelligent person.


Lois led our group through a wonderful exploration of the art of memoir writing and self. Very enjoyable and informative.

Emily Falone

Informative on a multitude of facets.

George Drosehn

This workshop was extremely beneficial for me as I’m beginning to explore my career as a writer!

Keyanna Mozie

Excellent content and interesting presenter.

Rasheeda Demby

Very helpful insights into the world of self-publishing, including specific suggestions. Well worth it!


As a former teacher/professor, I like the idea of taking academia to the masses or the “streets.” You are living proof of that idea.

Sid Jacobs

Lois has a wonderful attitude and was not dismissive of either traditional or self-publishing. She was very patient with all levels of questions and clear in her answers. A nice surprise to the seminar for a beginner like me.

Alex Stiner, Author of Inchworm

I was very impressed with Lois’s depth of knowledge in directing me on the next phase of writing my memoir.

Paul Harvey

I thought the instructor and her presentation were excellent. I learned a lot and it will be helpful as I begin my writing journey.

I appreciated your relaxed and inviting approach to your teachings. Thank you for sharing. I hope to make you proud.

Melissa Clarke

I enjoyed the conversation on how and why to start writing a book. Thank you!

Carol Mangano, Co-Owner, The Gallery at 122 Main

The workshop helped to focus and jumpstart an outline for my blog.

Karen Mastrippolito

Lois is a natural facilitator, with a positive energy that is infectious. While her workshops are organized with a logical flow of topics, she addresses all participant questions tactfully and encourages group discussion. Having attended two of her workshops to date (Write a Book, Grow Your Business & Blogging for Business), I appreciate the sheer quantity of information and advice provided. Both sessions included activities that allowed for application to our own individual projects, goals, and businesses. After only 90 minutes, I left with a clear plan of action, renewed enthusiasm, and actual completed steps that I could implement immediately. I look forward to attending more of Lois’s insightful workshops!

Julia Willson, Owner, Edits by Julia

Very informative. A lot of helpful tips that I was not expecting.

Loren E.

You are enlightening, optimistic, and honest.


I love the fact that you hammered home the point of the importance of editing. I know that it can get frustrating when your writing is not what you want it to be, but hammering in the fact that you need to polish your writing to make it shine.


Very enjoyable and informative. Nice interactivity.

I thought it was interesting and she was knowledgeable.

C. Clark

It makes me feel so much better than this service is available.

Adrian Martin

Lois anticipated all of my questions and took some of the fear out of moving forward in self-publishing.

Gave me the information I was seeking to learn how to publish and how to get help with editing and designing.

Peggie Wyant

I have been skating around the idea of writing and self-publishing a book and Lois has given a great presentation today and I have greater confidence in moving forward.

Brittany Brown

Great opportunity for motivation.


This is the self-publisher’s handbook. From conceptualization to marketing the final edition, this is a must for those wishing to enter the self-publishing industry.

Cindy Cavett

Very informative. Glad I came!

Very informative – Excellent!


Thank you, Lois! This workshop is the best yet. You are precise, concise, and extremely informative. All of my questions were answered.

Schalea Sanders, Author of The Gift of Teaching

I thought Lois was very knowledgeable, personable, and sincere in her passion for helping people. Easy to follow.

Debbie Gill

Clear and helpful information. Lois was very knowledgeable.

Fun and very helpful.

George Petit

This was an excellent introductory workshop. It gave me the framework that filled in a lot of former blank spots in my limited knowledge.

Michael Cox

An excellent workshop! Knew less than I thought I did. ?

Lois is a wealth of information for self-publishing. A real go-to person.

Shawn LeMon

Lois has extensive experience and knowledge of her subject. Great presenter.

Myrle Gilpin Bowe

This is a “don’t miss” workshop for any business owner! Even if you haven’t thought of writing a book before, this fun and engaging workshop might just change your mind.

Pat DePalma, Organized for Life

Lois was very informative, giving real, tangible info that everyone can access. Lois showed real interest in our questions and what we were writing about.

Lynn Pouser

It was very helpful!

Tanya Baker

Lois’s introductory workshop is phenomenal. It is full of great content, strategies, resources. Powerful! A must attend for anyone who wants to be or has ever thought about being an author.

Bob “Bobby G” Biss

I enjoyed this self-publishing workshop very much! Very helpful information! Lois has a delightful personality. Fun to listen to as she gives knowledgeable info.

Cathy Sanders

This workshop helped me to crystallize ideas and thoughts around what is my business and what does success look like.

Melanie Johnson

Great experience. You are so nice. Love the tone of your voice.

Alex Freites

Very informative. I learned so much.

Deana Casella

Prior to attending Blogging for Business, I was unfocused on my ideas. Lois really helped me narrow my focus and move to the next step!

Christel Brewer

Your workshop has me given me inspiration and motivation to write more. I found it very informative and engaging.

Le’Cinda Waugh

Outstanding introduction that has kick-started my enthusiasm for finishing a project that has lingered on and ready to see the light of day!

Robanne Palmer

This workshop was inspiring and steeped in reality. No fantasies about making millions easily. It’s a business.

Karen Jesse

Instructor has a great personality. Very informative. Includes everyone in the discussion.

Great information. Would attend more workshops.

Tyler Dodson-Fleming

Very informative for all levels of writing whether you’re just starting your journey or already published.

If you’re thinking of writing a book or need guidance, this is the course for you. Lots of information and sharing. Extremely helpful.

Sharon Pelham

Lois gives a fun and informative workshop. She knows the self-publishing process well and is good at sharing the information in an organized, easy-to-understand way. Excellent!

Robin Glanden

A necessary resource for anyone currently writing or aspiring to be a successful writer in the future, Lois Hoffman’s sage advice will get you started on a path towards success.

Susan Pickford

I enjoyed the seminar very much. It gives me the push to reaffirm my desire to write.

Emily Locke

Lois provided helpful information in a cheerful, knowledgeable fashion.

Sarah N.

Lois really made me consider my why–not just for one project but for writing as a whole. She’s pragmatic, concise, and wildly encouraging!

Valerie Lane

Very educational! The workshop is a must for anyone writing a book.

Cheryl Strootman

Thank you for an excellent presentation and learning; I really appreciated this class and your presentation.

A must attend for anyone thinking of publishing a book for the first time.

Beatrice Parquet

I liked this workshop a lot. It was very informative.

Roger I Parker II

In Lois’s 2-hour workshop I received more clear information than I did searching for days online. She was upbeat, knowledgeable and encouraging. I would definitely recommend to seek her out for advice on all things self-publishing.


The workshop was extremely helpful! It really helped with organizing the process of publishing. Lois has a wealth of information on writing, publishing, and selling.

Audrey Bruce

Speaker was prepared and enjoyable. I got a lot of information and felt the evening was worthwhile.


Thank you, Lois, for all the wonderful tips and tricks. It was inspiring to learn one just has to do it and get the memories down on paper.

Beth Stevens

I got to hear some great tips and insights on the publishing world in the new millennium. The instructor was informative and professional.

Al Zabriski

Helpful, informative and non-judgmental advice! Thank you; I enjoyed the workshop and meeting you!

Anne Groo

Lois had great energy and was super informative.


I found the advice about where to publish books the most helpful.

I received good insight into publishing. Very informative workshop.

Rosalia Williams

This workshop helped me to see that if I can write, I can conquer my way of thinking and healing.

Veronica Munoz

Lois was entertaining, engaging, wove in people’s comments into the examples for us. As a novice, she helped get my creative juices going. I’m ready to WRITE!

Kristen White

Very well presented! Lots of good information, some new, some that I already knew, but clarified very well. Thanks.

Ken Hamm

Great workshop for writers in various stages of book writing – just thinking about it all the way to publishing and marketing.

Cathy Irwin

Excellent workshop. Clear and concise guidelines on the whole process of thoughts to publication.

Jay Jackson

I learned useful information on self-marketing and building my brand.


I liked your openness so people could add their thoughts. You were also enthusiastic about everybody’s input. Positive.

Very practical and informative.

Anne Feurer

Very helpful class. Learned a lot. Will start blog tomorrow.

Refreshing presentation. Very knowledgeable.

Rick Rebmann

I have an idea for sharing what I have learned to inspire others by writing a book, but I didn’t know how to get started. Lois has done everything already and is willing to share. I feel empowered to get started!

Barbara Hannah

Very informative and interesting. Good delivery. Good pace and presentation.

Lois is an excellent motivational speaker. She keeps her workshop “user-friendly” and engages her audience in her presentation

Barbara Nolan

Attending this workshop has helped to expand my vision about blogging, as well as additional services I will be able to offer my clients.


Wonderful intro to the hobby writer who is looking to expand their creative outlet by publishing and setting their work out.

Elliott Henry

Lois’s workshop gave practical advice for the beginning or aspiring author: informative, uplifting, realistic, and, of course, happy!

Jaime Menton

I’ve read short, interesting autobiographies on Kindle that were self-published. Now I know I could do that, too!

Great job delivering a lot of info, controlling the questions, and keeping on track was good.

Tim Gregory

If you have always wanted to write a book and did not know where to start with getting it published, Lois has the answers!

Bev Gregerio

Highly insightful. Very thorough and practical.


Material is very well presented, lots of good info, and very encouraging. Lois is a joy!

Kathy Backalew

Great job, very informative! I may be applying what I’ve learned in this workshop to projects I’m considering taking on in the future.

Jessica St. Clair

Excellent course. Very informative.

This workshop was beneficial in that I gained new ideas on how to approach my book.

Rosalie Grant

Great energy with the class! I loved it!

Tynetta Clemment

Very informative, high-energy workshop. Really enjoyed!

Artika Casini

This workshop was very worthwhile — it is given by someone with good experience and knowledge of the topic! She has a good sense of where the audience is and gives very helpful info for writers. Thank you!

Lois Drake

Lois had high energy. Explained the good and bad in publishing. Gave suggestions that were very useful.

Evelyn MacPhee

Very informal. She really answered the fundamentals of writing a book and starting a blog.

This workshop gave me a starting point on if moving forward is what I want to do. It is a very helpful workshop.

Dawna Johnson

Lois is knowledgeable and fun.

Michelle McCann

Much more detailed than I expected – good information on writing – interesting and helpful.

Nice – Small class – Personal – Good guidance for writing rookie.

Barry Wilbank

Great process to help me establish ideas and a map to get ideas, rework ideas, and get them out to B to B and B to C.

Terri Sorantino, Liquid Alchemy Beverages

Lois Hoffman’s energy and succinct explanations, WITH GREAT EXAMPLES, gave me the kinds of helpful tips and publishing insights I was hoping to find.

Jo Barnes

The workshop definitely helps you get organized, think more in-depth about the message you want to send to your audience, and present a professional blog to your readers.

Joan Winnington

I liked her confidence and command of the content.

Ms. Hoffman has wide experience and great advice to novice writers.

Well constructed!


Good information delightfully presented.

Lon Elmer

Lois is a wonderful presenter. She was clear and concise in her presentation, handled distractions with grace and was cheerful and engaging.

Karen O’Lone Hahn, Author of Millicent and the Faraway Moon

I was very pleased with all of the info you divulged! I had no idea that I could achieve this! Thanks so much!

Patricia L. Reese

I enjoyed this event.

Very informative.

Martha Wilkinson

Lois gives great information in the area of writing books.

Leah Cole, K-LAK Corp

It was informational for a novice writer as well as entertaining!

The marketing aspect helped me a lot.

Therese Lavery

It is evident that Lois has invested a lot of time educating herself on self-publishing and can be an invaluable resource to guide anyone interested in writing a book to use to grow their business or whatever their goal is. She makes a daunting process seem like an achievable goal!

Mary Karakashian, Unique Home Staging and Design

Very informative. Covers a wide array of publishing and writing info.

Jackie Rhein

Excellent speaker. Great knowledge. Infectious energy.


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