You are a gift to the world, my fellow writer. Whether you write fiction or nonfiction, moving testimonials or light-hearted poetry, you’ve brought forth the courage to put your thoughts, dreams, and aspirations on “paper.” The very act of creating something from your mind’s eye is an exemplary act of faith. Kudos to you.

gift of writing

It takes even more courage to share your work. But, that’s where the magic happens. If you dare to share your writing with even one person, you allow your gifts to be opened. There is a bond between writer and reader. You set part of yourself free to enlighten, entertain, amuse, or inspire the reader knowing their world will change, even if just a nudge. They see the world through your eyes and experience it through your heart.

As a writer, you seek to understand our common humanity, our aspirations and our fears. Sometimes, we just need to know that someone hears us. You expand our minds and help us think outside of ourselves to know we aren’t alone. There is hope of a better tomorrow, brighter, stronger, more inspired.

At the age of 80, my dad sat down to write. He didn’t set out to write the great American novel or be the next Steven Covey. He wrote down his thoughts. About everything. He wrote about politics, baseball, his love of words, the family, one-liners, his work, New Jersey, and whatever was on his mind. Ten years later, at the age of 90, my dad just finished his eleventh book.

I don’t tell you this to brag about my dad (well, maybe a little).

He’s shared these books only with close friends and family. No fame for him. His gift was to us. He made us laugh, made us think, and helped us remember things from our past. He told us about his life long before we came into the world and his aspirations for what life will be long after we’re all gone. Most importantly, his gift will be with us when he isn’t.

Here is a challenge for you, fellow writer. Send a handwritten note this year in your holiday card or finally share your poetry at a slam. Write a book or a blog post and let the world inside your head. You might be surprised at the gift you are giving.

Writing is a gift. What are you giving this year?


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