Our childhood experience shapes our adult world.  As a children’s writer, I find myself drawing on what I remember feeling or people I remember meeting or memories of certain quirky things.  With 6 kids in the family, we had more than our share of interesting material for future writing.

Milk.  That’s a theme that’s sparked more than one conversation in our house.  There was the ubiquitous milk mustache.  Much of my childhood, we looked like 6 white-lipped Groucho Marxs. Didn’t we have napkins?

Then there was the milk-out-the nose incident.  There was always someone cracking a joke or doing something stupid. The trick was to time it so the punchline came as the most people were gulping down there required 8 ounces of the white stuff. Although, admittedly, root beer stings a lot more coming out.

The most memorable of all was the milk shampoo.  Kids are crabby at 6 o’clock by nature.  Sit the crabbiest, whiniest one next to the parent with the worst day at work and you’ve got yourself a treasured family memory.  Simmering like a fine sauce, we watched as tensions grew.  The heat got turned up and before you knew it, a glass of milk got poured on said child’s head.  Now, that’s a beautiful thing.

What childhood memories have sparked your writing? Leave me a comment.  I love to hear stories.

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