She wanted to write a book. She was waiting for the right time. And then it was too late.

A dear old family friend talked with me often about writing a book. She had a few things to do before she started but she would definitely write it. And then cancer struck.

Deep in the throes of treatment wasn’t a good time to start. As soon as treatment ended she would get to it. She knew her story. She lived it. All she needed to do was write it.

Her mother was an alcoholic. Her father was crazy. And the murder of her sister sent her into a lifelong quest to make sense of it all. She joined the “order” searching for solace from an ocean of pain and a mountain of regret. The love she gave and received plus the warmth of a heavenly caretaker soothed her spirit through the years and gave her hope for a peaceful future. A hardy sense of humor helped, too. But hope for peace didn’t always erase the agony of a troubled past.

She had a story to tell. And her “WHY” was inner peace.

When she discovered I help aspiring authors bring their visions to life, she paid attention. She joined my email list, and opened nearly all of them. She joined my writing challenge, and actively participated in discussions. She was on the edge of putting her thoughts on the page but she waited for the “right” time.

Her story ended too soon. She never wrote her book. She never released the demons of fate out of her heart and into the universe. The world never got to feel the passion she had for life and the pain that got in the way of living it fully.

Whatever it is you want from your life, whether it’s writing a book, playing music, or dancing in the moonlight atop the hills of Tuscany, do it now. Don’t wait until the RIGHT time. Tomorrow may bring new adventures or something else. Don’t get to the end of your rainbow without having told the story in your heart.

Today is the perfect day to start.

Procrastination is one of the most common and deadliest of diseases and its toll on happiness and success is heavy.

~ Wayne Gretsky

If now is the time but you don’t know how, start here. Help is on the way.


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