Let’s face it. Authorship is a business. And like most business, your author business needs start-up funds. But where can you turn if your pockets contain nothing more than a touch of lint and a gum wrapper? Check out a few ways you can find cash to pursue your dream of publishing your first or next book.

 Crowdfund It.

These options differ from traditional crowdfunding, but offer great perks for creatives, and could be a great fit for your book project.


Publishizer’s crowdfunding platform differs from others by matching authors and publishers. Authors fund their books by generating book pre-orders, and publishers base their interest in a book on the amount of money raised. At the end of the campaign, authors can choose to accept any offers from traditional publishers or choose to use funds raised to self-publish.

To launch a campaign on Publishizer, you must create a solid book proposal (Publishizer offers a free course to writing proposals!). Publishizer also offers an incentive for popular campaigns to be featured in their weekly email.


A crowdfunding platform for “liberating ideas,” Unbound supports authors by fulfilling the role of a publisher. You need a great pitch and pitch video to launch a campaign. The pros: Unbound helps promote your campaign, draw pledges, and associates your book with publishers who use the platform. The cons: Unbound keeps 100% of your campaign profits and splits profits above the campaign goal.


Patreon is unique in that it supports, you – the creator! Instead of focusing on funding a single project, Patreon creators receive a sustainable income without sacrificing creative control. Subscribers designate a monthly subscription amount to creatives of choice in exchange for freebies and pre-releases. Establishing a Patreon page gives the opportunity for your fans to find and support your creative lifestyle!

For more crowdfunding options, be sure to check out Crowdfunding Your Book Project.

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Earn It.

Many online options give writers the ability to write, gain experience, and get paid. Success is in your control! Earn an income doing what you love to allow you to continue doing what you love. The more you publish, the greater your search-ability on Google. Getting your name in the public will support your book-writing efforts in the long run.

Freelance Writing or Editing

Teach Writing Courses

Enter a Writing Contest

Secure Pre-Launch Commitments

  • Sign up to offer Kindle pre-orders through KDP Select.
  • Create a landing page with pre-order sign-ups to get commitments from readers before your launch date. Collect email and physical addresses from readers and send the books out once you launch. Although you can’t charge readers until the product is ready for sale, you can gauge readership and budget accordingly.

Get Sponsorships

  • Look for opportunities to support local, national or online businesses as they help support your book project. If you are writing a memoir about your triumph over cancer, approach your doctors or MRI facility with an opportunity to purchase an ad in the back of your book. If you are writing a book about internet marketing, seek out platform providers (email, lead page, etc.) to sponsor your project so you can realize the mission of your book.
  • You can also sell ads on your website or email for additional income!

Drip Additional Book Content for a Membership Price

  • Create additional content, similar to what you may offer as a crowdfunding gift, to enhance your book material. Inside information, in-depth research, study guides, and group study material can be available for a monthly membership price or one-time fee. You can also create additional book chapters only available to members.

Borrow It.

Your book is a business! If you are ready to launch your career and need options to fill in gaps to help establish customers, these options might be for you. Pay down your debt as sales from your book start rolling in.

PayPal Credit

“No payments and no interest if paid in 6 months on purchases of $99 and more.” It’s a great solution for short-term borrowing. https://www.paypal.com/us/webapps/mpp/paypal-credit

Home Equity Loan or Line of Credit

You can borrow against the equity in your house to seed your book project. Talk to your local bank or mortgage lender for options. Read this article for more information about different types of borrowing.

Credit Cards

Look for sign-up deals that offer cash back or interest-free promotions. https://www.creditdonkey.com/credit-card-deals.html


According to TheBalance.com, microloans are generally used for startup funds up to $35,000. Find out more about qualifying for a microloan here.

Can you think of other fundraising methods? What methods have you pursued or intend to pursue? Post below!

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