We’ve all seen rocks. We’ve kicked them, collected them, and skipped them over ponds. Rocks near rough waters or lining fast-moving streams get tumbled and worn, smoothed and reshaped. Rocks tumbling down mountainsides range from jagged boulders to tiny pebbles not much bigger than seeds which accompany them on their downward path.

Yet, what looks like a rock on the outside isn’t always the case. While many rocks divided in two are bound to become smaller versions of the mother rock. Others conceal one of nature’s great surprises. Deep within Earth’s crust and buried beneath mountains of rocks, hold crystallized minerals known as gemstones.

Chiseling away below certain rocks reveal shimmering beauty. Colors so brilliant they can only be found in nature. Yet, each rock reveals something quite different. Whether it is the rock-candy-like sparkle of a quartz crystal, the iridescent glow of an opal, or the brilliance of a red ruby, each is endowed with a unique beauty.  No two crystals are exactly the same. All endure immense pressure and lay dormant for Earth’s long, and often tumultuous, geologic history until someone digs for them. Even when first discovered, many need polishing to bring out their real beauty. Raw with potential. Perfected with care.

What creative beauty lies within you just waiting to be discovered? Have you felt something inside of yourself that needs time and care to make sparkle? Maybe you need a writing partner, critique group, or coach to unearth your potential and give you the confidence to start writing. You may need to learn the craft of writing to polish your gems. Or you just need to stand in your own light and let the world marvel at the brilliance you bring to the world.

Be patient, but be tenacious. Gems weren’t created overnight or by accident. The sands of time forced the struggle and pressure, but they also created art. Take the time necessary to write well and keep going even when the results aren’t immediately apparent. It doesn’t matter whether you create malachite or obsidian, tourmaline or tanzanite, or even the Hope Diamond. Know that what you create is unique and valuable.

What gemstone are you? How will you be discovered?

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