You might be wondering if self-publishing is a good option for you. You’ve heard talk, watched people you know and maybe even read a little about it. Whether you are a polished writer who set your sights on the traditional publishing market or are new to writing, here are the top ten reasons self-publishing might be right for you.

1. You are frustrated with the time it takes to research agents and publishers in the traditional publishing industry. In order to get published by a traditional big publishing house, you must gain representation from an agent. They are the gatekeepers to the big houses and often receive hundreds or thousands of queries each year to read and sift through. If you are lucky enough to find representation, it is still no guarantee that you will get published. When you self-publish, you maintain control of the timing and eliminate a lot of the work.

2. Your book is so unique that an agent can’t place your book with a publisher. If your book crosses genres or age groups or doesn’t fit neatly on a bookstore shelf, agents and editors may reject even the most well written manuscript. Self-publishing allows you to break some rules and stretch the imagination beyond the dictates of predetermined categories.

3. You aren’t famous. In an effort to recoup costs of publishing a book, publishing houses are drawn to writers who are famous, are well-known and respected in their field or have a large following on social media and with the target reader. While this is all helpful for book sales, you decide if you have a large enough audience to meet your goals.

4. Your story is personal. You are the family historian. The one that collects the artifacts, stories and photos of your lineage. Instead of hiding all of it in a box and in your head, you gather it together as a gift to relatives past, present and future.

5. You are interested in making passive income. Writing a book isn’t going to make you rich (sorry to burst your bubble), but writing one or more books can bring in extra money. The quality of the book and the amount of time and resources you allot to marketing your book will determine how large the income will be.

6. You have some wisdom to impart to the world. Whether you are an expert in your field or people are always telling you that you should write a book, share what you know, your vision for the future or a new twist on an old subject.

7. You want to have control over your writing career. Write 3 books a year or one in a lifetime. Market your books wildly or publish them and forget it. There are no bean counters waiting for you to finish or hold you back from the writing lifestyle you desire.

8. You have that one story in your head just dying to come out. Perhaps writing a book is a bucket list item or something you think will be a challenge or fun to try. Express your creativity in a way that pleases you. Why not, right?

9. You like to be on the cutting edge. Self-publishing is an emerging market. Be the first in your industry to launch a concept. Try the new tools that pop-up every day to market and sell your book and stay ahead of the curve and your competition.

10. You want a cost-effective tool to use in your business. Nothing is a better example of your credibility and expertise than a book you write. Give away a free ebook to attract new customers or give to existing customers as a value-added product. Other promotional items can’t compete with the value of a book.

No matter the reason, learn more about self-publishing and find out how it can help you achieve your goals and live a more creative life.

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Why are you thinking of self-publishing or why did you self-publish?

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