You might be wondering whether it’s really worth your time and effort to write a book. Maybe there is a level a doubt that creeps in. I get it.

But, you may not know all the reasons people write books in the first place. Hopefully, by the end, you’ll read through this list and say, “YES! That’s me!”

Here are my top 21 reasons it’s worth the effort to write a book.

1. Earn passive income

Whether you publish a physical book or ebook, or you hawk your book online or off, there is money to be made from book sales. The exact amount depends on a lot of factors including the topic, quality of the writing and production, and your promotion efforts. While most people think about the income from the sale of the book as a driving force for writing it, it’s clearly not the only reason (and shouldn’t be) for writing a book.

2. Feel a sense of accomplishment

It’s hard to describe the feeling of pressing the publish button or holding your book in your hands for the first time. Joy, elation, relief, pride, over the moon, on top of the world…you did whatever it took to get through and the feeling on the other side is like no other. No one can take that away from you.

3. Gain new level of credibility

You’ve told people you have expertise, but how can anyone really know? Your book is your proof. It’s your philosophy, methodology, and insight into your topic. When you write a book, a little piece of you is on every page announcing what you have to offer to the world.

4. Get speaking gigs

With your credibility, you can get speaking gigs, large and small. Your book is a ticket to seek out opportunities and for opportunities to come your way. Audiences want to hear from successful people. As an author, that’s you. Whatever your topic, there are audiences eager to hear your message.

5. Develop trust

If you’re already in business as a coach, consultant, healthcare practitioner, investment advisor, or any number of positions where customers base their buying decisions based on trust, a book is your opportunity to give them confidence in you. People buy from people they know, like, and trust. It can speed up the process between first introduction and engagement with you and your company. In a world where time is money, a book gives you a direct route to promoting your brand and quickly turn prospects into clients.

6. Heal yourself

If you come to writing from a place of pain, writing a book gives you an outlet to express your circumstances and journey down your path. The process of writing gives you a forum and purpose for understanding your pain and coming out on the other side. Well delivered, your memoir can help others in a similar situation or promote understanding with those unfamiliar with your plight.

7. Explore creative expression

Creative expression is part of what makes for a joyful life. It employs our sense of wonder and dares us to express life as we feel it. Writing a book allows us time to tap into the deepest parts of our being and live life with eyes wide open.

8. Develop good habits

At the outset of a book project, many writers plan time to write. They set weekly word count goals and adjust their schedules to meet the goals. In the process, many found they pushed bad habits out of the way to make room for productivity. Being mindful of your time allows you to use the time with purpose. Many find that once they begin scheduling time for writing, they find time for the other things they love, too.

9. Learn more about a topic

Whatever your topic – business, personal, hobby, etc. – you’ll learn more about it as you write. You’re writing about something you love. It’s an opportunity to dig deep and explore the details, stories, and finer points to most fully paint a picture for your readers. By the time you publish, you’ll naturally understand your topic and yourself, and perhaps your business with greater clarity.

10. Teach classes

My favorite way to use the information in my books is to teach classes and workshops. You can earn money by walking attendees through lessons, guiding them through exercises, or providing inspiration to forge their own path. You can sell books at each session to provide additional income and to offer private consultation to the attendees, as well. It gives you a forum to personally connect with an audience and bring them into your tribe.

11. Set yourself apart

Your topic or area of expertise may be shared with many experts. It’s crowded out there! Your book gives you a way to stand out from the crowd with your unique vision and perspective. It sets you apart from those who aren’t authors and demonstrates your skills and knowledge at the same time. Reviews for the book give the social proof you need to attract new people to buy your book or other products or services you offer.

12. Believe in yourself

When you write a book, you’ll know that you can do anything you set your mind to do. Because of the effort and dedication it takes to follow through to the end, you’ll have proof you have what it takes to accomplish other life goals. Nothing will hold you back. You wrote when it flowed like water and when obstacles got thrown in your way. And now, whatever life throws at you or whatever opportunities present themselves, you’ll take the challenge and succeed.

13. Earn money as a consultant or coach

Now that you’ve proven your expertise, others will seek you out for advice and assistance. Perhaps the most lucrative part of being an author is the opportunity to offer your services in group or one-on-one settings. You’ve positioned yourself as an authority and can capitalize on your knowledge and experience. Your book can provide the format for guiding clients through each session or can be the backdrop for preparing workbooks and lessons.

14. Find a new community

As writers and as authors, we have the opportunity to be part of a new community. There are writing groups, critique groups, and groups where authors share their promotion advice. It’s a place to give and receive information and expertise and pull together for a common purpose. Whether it’s a local group meeting in person or a discussion group online, you’ll find people to lift you up and push you forward when you need it most.

15. Help others

An important part of the book writing process is knowing what problem you are solving for the reader. They may need help growing tomatoes or saving for retirement. Readers may want to know they’re not alone in feeling or experiencing something. They may just want to be entertained. Whatever it is, you are helping someone solve their problem with knowledge, comfort, or a good laugh. You are touching someone’s life with your words. It’s a worthy cause, indeed.

16. Be a role model

Of all the things I experienced after becoming an author, this one surprised me most. You don’t know who is watching while you are writing. After I published my first book, my daughter hugged me and said, “I’m proud of you.” Besides nearly crying, I realized something else. I’ve set an example for her. She saw me haul off every day to a coffee shop to chip away at my book and emerge several months later with a testament to my hard work. Without realizing it, I modeled tenacity and persistence, and she noticed. Priceless.

17. Raise awareness

Your book gives you the opportunity to raise awareness of a lesser known condition, issue, or topic. You may share a perspective that others haven’t considered. No matter the topic, a book gives you the megaphone and a forum for sharing your message.

18. Leave a legacy

Whether you write a book for public consumption or just a book for family and friends, it is an opportunity to leave an eternal mark on the world. We all have a desire to be significant in this life. No one shares your unique experience or thoughts. Writing a book preserves your legacy for generations.

19. Grow a business

Writing a book gives you the opportunity fully express your vision when you prepare to grow your business. Use your book to attract and engage customers. Use it as a lead magnet, as a series of blog posts, or include snippets as social media fodder. Include your book as a value-added product or bonus to entice customers to buy. It is a marketing asset that keeps on giving.

20. Inspire others

Your book is an inspiration. Even if you haven’t written an inspirational book, you’ve put in the hard work and saw it through to the end. Believe me; others are watching. Who will you inspire someone by the mere act of writing? How will their lives change because they were inspired by you?

21. Find a path forward

Sometimes the road ahead isn’t clear. Writing a book can help pave the way for a new path or define the one you’re on. It may be a new career, new friends, or a hopeful future. While you can’t be sure what the future holds, there’s one thing to know for sure–when you write a book, you’ll be forever changed. It’s you, only better.

Which reasons resonate with you? Why will you make the effort to write a book?

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