This weekend, I watched the movie Gandhi. Although I could expound on the geopolitical implications of his non-violent resistance in both South Africa and India.  I’ll focus instead on the impact of his words on his country and the world community.

Words have the power to express love or hate, make us laugh or cry, drive us toward injustice or inspire us to be more than we ever thought possible.  Gandhi’s words were so powerful that it caused a whole nation of people to rise up when voices were needed and stand down when violence was not.

Be the change you want to see in the world is among his most famous quotes.  It’s a statement so simple, yet drives a person into action and self-discovery.

So, how are you, as writers of mystery and fantasy, children’s stories, and poetry, using your words?  You have the power to shed the light on the darkest part of us or make us laugh at our own stupidity.  You have the power to put a mirror up and force us to look at our own flawed selves or tilt it just a little and invite us to see our best side.

What do the words you put on paper say about you?

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