Writing and publishing a book to market you or your business isn’t a magic bullet. The fact that you write a book won’t automatically make you rich or famous or solve all of your business woes. But, it will position you to be successful. It is a tool to differentiate you and your business and stand out above the noise. It will build credibility and allow your ideal client to appreciate, value and trust what you bring to the table. And, the very process of writing a book, the hard work, sacrifice, dedication and determination will change you. When you hold that book in your hands for the very first time, you will never view yourself in the same way. Never. It’s you, only better.

There are other ways that writing a book can help your business beyond the book itself. Writing a book centered around your field of expertise, demands that you understand your business and the work you do better. Through research of books, articles and other media plus research of your competition, you have a more complete picture of the changing landscape of the business environment in which you work and the accumulated knowledge of other experts in your field. It gives you the opportunity to get one step ahead of your competitors or to understand the product or service gaps that your business can help to fill. To articulate your knowledge, philosophy and vision for your business and your client is a game changer.

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You will really focus on discovering your ideal client, not just any client, and what they really want and need from you. Focusing your efforts on the center of the bull’s eye will help you attract the right people who value you enough to pay a premium to buy what you offer.

It is a great time to evaluate or re-evaluate your clients or business model. Take time to determine whether your clients are working for you the way you intended. You may also push the boundaries of your business as your research reveals more about how you can serve your clients. As you prepare for your book launch, you will look at your branding, website and social media presence with fresh eyes and have the ability to align all with a renewed perspective.

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Benefits reveal themselves at points along the way, too. Posting progress, asking questions of your followers, even having a “name the book contest” give reasons to engage with your customers, current and potential. People love to cheer for a winner. If you set out on a journey to write a book, embrace the opportunity to reach out and get people on your side. The Seattle Seahawks know the importance of the twelfth man, the people in the stands who wear their colors and pack their stadium every week. They will always have your back and pull money out of their wallets to support you.

As a bonus, it will compile your knowledge all in one place, in a logical order for you and your clients to use. I  referred to my first book, The Self-Publishing Roadmap for specific tips on formatting a book when working with a client. I have clients refer to it while we are working together to reinforce specific points we talk about in a meeting. It saves a lot of time and effort while providing crucial backup of information.

These are the unintended consequences of writing a book as a marketing tool. How will writing a book change the way you do business? If you don’t know the answer, sign up for a complimentary Discovery Session.
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