After considerable discussion about my idea for writing the story, I made a decision to go forward. I began working with Lois immediately to get some idea about how I should do this. From the beginning, she gave me valuable instructions, encouragement, and advice on how to approach my goal. Lois and I met regularly by telephone and occasionally in person. Since this was my first book, she made the blueprint and the steps involved clear and in a way that I was able to understand.  I  began writing in the late summer of 2018 with the goal of completing it within a year. During this time, I received excellent coaching and encouragement as to how to make this book interesting. Lois provided innovative ideas as to how the book would tell the story about how this man endured a devastating disease with compassion and love for those surrounding him. The success of this experience was due solely to having Lois Hoffman as my coach and publisher. This journey has compelled me to write a second book which I’m now beginning with Lois.


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