Twitter for Writers and Authors

Twitter for Writers and Authors

Twitter is an essential tool for writers and authors. While everyone uses Twitter in their own way, writers find it valuable to gain new readers, attendees at workshops, and speaking engagements. If you are pursuing the traditional publishing route, information about...

Wake Up and Smell the Blogosphere

Writing gives me a reason to wake up every morning. Don’t get me wrong.  I always had a reason to get up – kids, work, errands – just not right away.  A warm waterbed on a cold winter morning has a certain lure that is a daunting match for less...

SCBWI Writers Conference

There’s lots of action at the SCBWI Writers Conference going on now in New York City.  If you didn’t get there this year, you can still glean all of the great information from the speakers with up to the minute blogs and tweets. The SCBWI Conference Blog...

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