If you’re like me, you already have big plans and big goals for writing this year. But, if you’re like me, you’ve also got a few obstacles that may get in the way of reaching those goals.

On good days, I’m on top of it — filled with confidence and determination. On other days, the monkeys in my brain start dancing and making noise. Some days, they are quietly in the background, and other days, they are in full Mardi Gras mode.

Sound familiar?

I know when the monkeys put on their party hats, I need to slow down and explore.

When deciding whether to start The Happy Self-Publisher five years ago, the monkeys were in full regalia. Although there were logical reasons to pause before starting a business, I was nearly paralyzed. I knew there was something keeping me from moving forward. I just didn’t know what it was.

I already ran a business for nearly 25 years, so that wasn’t it. I was just about to publish a book about self-publishing, so I was confident I knew my stuff. Still, I hesitated.

After an appointment one day, I detoured into a park and reached under the seat for a piece of scrap paper. And then I wrote. Ever curious, I started with questions and sat on the picnic bench until I found the answers.
What I discovered surprised me. After all, I’m in my head every day. In the answers, I found the real problem and was able to face it head on.

Once I wrote it down, I realized that the monkeys distorted it and made it bigger than it deserved. By writing it down, I rendered the monkeys powerless and me powerful.

By the next day, I bought my business license and hired a designer for business cards and a website. I hung my virtual shingle and haven’t looked back.


It happened again when I thought about writing my next book and then again when I pondered creating an online course. Sometimes it even happens when I write a blog post or send an email.

Fortunately, I have questions to guide me through and put the monkeys to bed.

So, when you’re stuck in your writing or hesitate to take your writing to the next level, there is more to do than just writing your goals.

Click here to grab the questions I used to get me unstuck and moving forward. I guarantee if you spend the time to explore the answers, the results will be illuminating. (Oh, the worksheet is free, by the way.)

I want you to be ready for the next big thing, whether that’s starting your book, finishing it, publishing it, or getting your book out into the world. You’ve got this! (Even if the monkeys say otherwise.) Get your worksheet here.

Let us know how it worked for you! Leave a comment or share a funny monkey story. It’s ok. You’ll find out just how many of us are pet owners, too.



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