writing tipsDoes writing always seem to come last on your list of things to do? Try these strategies for putting your writing first.

Set specific writing goals

Create a schedule. Write often enough to be in the flow. It could be 15 minutes a day, 1 hour every Tuesday and Thursday, 4 hours on Saturday, or whatever works with your schedule. Then, set a deadline or word count goal. Setting a long-term goal then defining it through easily attainable short-term steps helps to keep you motivated. Be realistic. Nothing kills momentum faster than failing to live up to bloated expectations.

Determine what you have to change

Life is busy. You may have to squeeze in time to write or just make it a priority. In order to fit it in to your schedule, think about how to adjust your time. You could delegate the laundry, write during a coffee break or lunch hour at work, give up your least favorite TV show, get up ½ hour early or many other large or small tweaks to everyday life.

Celebrate your milestones

Every time you hit your word count goal, finish a chapter, or even keep to your writing schedule for a week, reward yourself. It could be a goal star on a chart, a trip to your favorite coffee shop, or an afternoon at the library. Even the smallest of tokens works magic on your brain.

Who is waiting for your book to be written?

If it is hard to write just for you, think about others. Who needs to hear your story? How will it impact their life? Even if it is a work of fiction, your accomplishment and working toward your goal to become an author can help motivate others to do the same. How long are you going to make them wait?

Visualize your life as an author

You may not know exactly how writing and publishing a book will change you and your life, but think about the opportunities being an author presents. You can speak, teach, do book signings, make extra money, or just feel great about your accomplishment. As Steven Covey espouses in Seven Habits of Highly Successful People, “Begin with the end in mind.”

Tell people you are writing a book

If internal motivators are not enough, let others help. Next time your friends, neighbors, and acquaintances ask what you’ve been doing, tell them you are writing a book. You will be met with curiosity and enthusiasm and they will ask you again the next time you see them. They will cheer for you and encourage you when you need it most.

Know that you are worth it

Really, you are. You are worth the time and the sacrifices it takes to create something special. Your pursuit is worthy of asking for help from your spouse or others in order to make it a reality. You deserve the space to make your dreams come true.

What do you do to put your writing first?

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