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You have a dream, and you’re not going to let anything get in the way! Let The Happy Self-Publisher team transform your manuscript into a professional book and transform you into an accomplished author! We’ll edit, format, design, and publish your book to appear on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other online retailers and make it available to bookstores, libraries, and academic institutions for worldwide distribution. Then, we’ll help you market it with our various programs so you can reach your audacious goals. Whatever you want for yourself and your book, start right here.

We’ve got the rocket fuel to launch you into authorship!


Why choose The Happy Self-Publisher?


Personal attention. Expert guidance. Ultimate control.

Personal attention

Aspiring authors spend months or even years working on their manuscripts and don’t want to hand over their “baby” to just anyone. They choose The Happy Self-Publisher because they want caring professionals committed to their success and determined to produce a quality product — all done with integrity.

We’ll take the time to answer your questions.


Expert guidance

If you’re a first-time author, you don’t know what to expect or maybe even the right questions to ask. Our team will guide you to make the best decisions about all things related to your book. Whether you are publishing fiction, nonfiction, or a picture book, you get the resources you need to be successful.

You’ll approach authorship with confidence.


Ultimate control

Unlike working with traditional publishers, you get to write what you want, how you want to write it, and when you want to publish it. AND, unlike working with hybrid or vanity publishers, you get to keep all of your royalties, rights, and your design files. You have control over how the book is presented to the world and control your earning potential.

Take the reins of your publishing journey.


It’s not just what we do, it’s why we do it. Self-publishing encourages a diversity of voices and thoughts. When more voices are heard, we believe the world is a more compassionate place. We’re committed to serving authors in a way that respects them, not just as customers, but as valuable contributors to the human experience.

How much does it cost to publish a book?

While you can publish your book yourself for free, we know there are so many questions during the process from grammar to design, ISBNs to marketing. That’s why we’re here.

You get to choose just the services you want without a bloated package of things that will not make your book any better or easier to sell.

You can choose from options for publishing, editing, and book marketing if you choose. Select one of our packages or get a quote based on your goals for the book and the help you need to get it discovered by a world of readers.

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If it were not for Lois Hoffman and The Happy Self-Publisher,

I would not be where I am today: published.

I hired Lois to help me publish my book through Kindle Direct Publishing and then to help me with marketing.

Lois is fantastic! She is knowledgeable of KDP protocols and understands the book-marketing landscape. She is a capable and patient teacher who shares information in ways that are easy to implement. A good reader of people, Lois knew just how to get me through the hard parts of marketing and especially, past some of my own hurdles.

Her fees were reasonable; for me, this was money well-spent.

I am so glad I went with someone local who could meet with me in person instead of an online service that relied on emails and phone calls alone. Both professionally and personally, working with Lois was a great experience. I would hire The Happy Self-Publisher again.

Kate Szegda, Author of Pharmacy Girl

NO WAY I could have done this without Lois, The Happy Self-Publisher!!!  I originally tried to navigate this very confusing world of book publishing myself.  That was a mistake.  I couldn’t find a traditional publisher, hybrid wanted 35k and so I was left with self-publishing but was unsure of what to do.  I almost gave up on this process and then I found Lois Hoffman.   Lois could not have been more patient, knowledgeable, or encouraging.  She is honest and responsive!  If you are thinking about self-publishing, you’d be making a huge mistake by not hiring Lois.  So grateful to her for all of her expertise and for helping me get my book over the finish line!!!

MB Paradise, Author of Beach Santa

Lois Hoffman has been instrumental in getting my book published.  I also worked with an editor who helped polish my writing.  After the editing was done, Lois formatted then published my book on Amazon.  The cover design was amazing. I would highly recommend The Happy Self-Publisher.

Roger Parker, Author of Myth Busting Physics
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