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Thanks for considering The Happy Self-Publisher for publishing it. We know you have a lot of choices as to where you publish it. Your book is your baby, and we are small by design to give you and your book personal service and attention. As the owner and chief publishing officer, I’ll ensure you never feel alone in the process.

Your dedicated author specialist will guide you every step of the way to answer your questions and ensure you are in partnership with everything about your book. We’re backed by a fabulous team of editors, coaches, designers, and marketers who will provide you with high-quality, professional service—the quality you deserve.

Our authors appreciate that we not only design and publish their books, but care about them as people. You might be excited, scared, on fire, insecure, brave, or utterly confused, or everything all at the same time. We get it. And we’ll be there for you throughout so you come out on the other side ecstatic about your accomplishment and confident to navigate the road ahead.

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Lois was supportive, efficient and kind throughout the process. This being my first experience writing and publishing a book, was extremely helpful. I highly recommend Lois and her skills to make your experience enjoyable and less stressful.

Crystal Marie

Editing Packages

Publishing Experiences

Marketing Packages

Editing Packages

1500-word critique

Let an editor peek at your writing and give you feedback on your voice, style, and strength of the beginning of your book. It’s a cost-effective way to know you’re on the right track.


Full Manuscript Critique

Get the validation you’ve been looking for with this full manuscript critique. It is for those who want to ask, “Can you read this and tell me what you think?” A professional editor will read the entire manuscript and provide general feedback (200-300 words) on organization and clarity of your nonfiction manuscript or pacing, character development, story arc, and plot, as well as voice and writing style in your novel or memoir.

Critique @$.012/word — $300 minimum
(Cost can be used toward a Full Manuscript Developmental Edit)

Full Manuscript Copy Editing or Proofreading

Nothing says “writing professional” better than a well-written manuscript free from grammar and punctuation errors. A professional manuscript editor will review your entire book, including front and back matter, to ensure your sentences are clearly written and error-free. You’ll market your book with confidence, knowing that your book is ready for the world to read.

Copy Editing @$.025/word — Proofreading @$.02/word

Full Manuscript Developmental Edit

Make your manuscript the best it can be! Receive a full developmental edit of your manuscript to highlight suggested improvements in specific parts of your manuscript, including organization and clarity in your nonfiction manuscript or pacing, character development, story arc, and plot, as well as voice and writing style in your novel or memoir. See exactly where the issues lie and how to fix them with inline suggestions along with an editorial letter. You’ll emerge with a beautifully crafted, well-edited manuscript that gives your book the best chance at success. 

Developmental Editing @$.03/word — For Picture Books @$200 for up to 2,000 words

Gain the confidence you need by adding a professional editor to your publishing team.

Publishing Experiences

We’re invested in your success. We not only want to provide you with a well-designed book, I want you to feel like you have a partner in the process of publishing it. First, we’ll provide project management and handle any issues that arise to get your book published. Additionally, everything is published in your name. You keep all the rights and royalties and are able to purchase books at the lowest possible prices should you choose to do so. Most importantly, you will have a personal guide and answer your publishing questions along the way so you feel empowered and confident. This is our special sauce.

“Lois is nothing short of AMAZING! She is so thorough, detail-oriented, and responsive. She makes a somewhat complicated process seem seamless. The best part is that she truly cares!!”

~ Adrianne Missimer

All of the Publishing Experiences feature the following:


  • Coordinate with your editor (mine or ours) to ensure you publish the best version of your story as it goes out into the world
  • Professional interior formatting and design 
  • Professional cover design for a great first impression (Includes a single professional stock photo or your image with wording for front, back, and spine. (Please inquire about a custom cover upgrade.)
  • Publish your paperback book to Amazon and other online stores worldwide through Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) and IngramSpark (IS) (When publishing to both, a separately purchased ISBN is required.)
  • Create and publish your ebook to KDP (and IS, if requested) for worldwide distribution
  • Provide category and keyword strategies for maximum visibility
  • Create your Amazon Author Central page to promote your brand and to spark interest
  • Provide a tutorial to your back offices to better manage sales and book purchases
  • Provide your digital files for the interior of both print and ebook, as well as cover designs for complete control of your work for future use
  • A Publishing Mini-Course to maximize your experience and book sales
  • The Book Marketing Starter Package (see below)
  • Everything is published in your name. You keep all the rights and royalties and are able to purchase books at the lowest possible prices should you choose to do so.

Publishing Experiences

Novel/Creative Nonfiction Package

If your book requires beautifully designed basic formatting with only chapter titles/numbers and basic paragraph-style text, this package is for you.


How-to/Thought Leader Package

If your book requires multiple paragraphs styles, subheadings, bullets/numbering, or quotes, this package ensures that each page will be professionally styled for readability and consistency to highlight the expert you have become.


Executive Package

If you require a custom interior design with multiple paragraphs styles, subheadings, bullets/numbering, quotes, call-outs, plus multiple photos and or graphics (up to 25 additional), this package is for you. Each photo and graphic is edited as needed to ensure print-ready quality and visibility. The interior of your manuscript will receive a custom style and layout creating a finished project that you will be proud to hold in your hands and even prouder to promote to readers around the world.


All package pricing is for manuscripts of up to 80,000 words and includes up to 20 corrections in two rounds of client review. Add $.01 for each additional word. Final pricing is based on any changes or additions to these packages.
Please let us know if you require footnotes, indexing, formatting for a bibliography, a custom cover design, or if your book doesn’t fit neatly into these categories to receive a custom quote.

There are a lot of publishing companies out there, and it can be hard to choose. We built our company by developing trusting relationships with our authors. We bring our values to work every day to serve you and help make the world a little brighter.
I invite you to start the conversation with a phone call.

She is a patient, giving coach who not only suggested and helped me implement new ideas and direct me in the right direction, but she also guided me to unearth and move beyond limiting beliefs that were keeping me stuck. With her gentle voice in my head, I’m set up for greater future success!

Susan Bremer O’Neill

My experience with Happy Self-Publisher has been nothing short of amazing. Lois guided me through the process and provided excellent advise along the way. She was a trouper with handling my 4 books within a year.

Kevin Madison

Marketing Packages

Send your book off into the world with these marketing packages!

Book Marketing Starter Package

This package includes unlimited access to the Author Success Toolkit online course for selling more books and growing your author business. The package also includes an invaluable one-hour marketing consultation to provide one-on-one guidance for launching you into authorship. Bring all your book marketing questions!

$349 — FREE to all publishing clients

Book Blast Package

If you’re looking for a quick blast, this package is for you. Get your book in front of thousands of readers with a book review strategy and an Amazon ad campaign. Your book will be posted on three book review sites that will feature your cover and description with a link to your book. You’ll also receive an Amazon ad campaign setup and optimization for up to three months. It also includes unlimited access to the Author Success Toolkit online book marketing course.*


*Advertising costs are not included.

Author Success Package (MOST POPULAR)

If you are looking for a partner in your author journey, the three-month Author Coaching program holds the keys to books sales and growth as an author. Participate in six one-on-one coaching sessions with a Success Coach to co-create a personalized author success plan for you to implement and to identify any barriers to success. Because starting can be overwhelming, you also receive six hours of feedback on your ads, social media posts, email welcome messages, and more. Learn the tools and strategies of the pros so you can control your destiny without paying the high cost of a marketing company each month to promote you and your book(s). You also receive unlimited access to the Author Success Toolkit online marketing course for additional direction and insight. Find out why this is the most popular of our marketing packages!


Done-for-You Package

If you’re like many writers who say marketing is “not their thing,” here is a done-for-you program to boost sales and gain exposure to you and your writing without having to figure it all out yourself. We’ll boost reviews on Amazon with submission to one book review site per month targeted toward voracious readers. We’ll set up and optimize monthly Amazon ad campaigns to gain needed exposure to your book where readers are ready to buy. You’ll also get monthly Facebook campaigns that include setup and posts (two per week) to attract readers and build relationships with fans. Your package includes email marketing setup, including a welcome message, email template, landing page, and lead magnet setup to add fans to your list. We’ll collaborate with you on monthly press releases that are distributed to hundreds of targeted online sites for exposure beyond social media. You’ll also have access to the Author Success Toolkit online course for exploring other possibilities. Finally, you’ll receive monthly progress reports to have confidence in the process. Please ask about adding on a Book Launch Package.*

$1999 setup, plus $1499/month

*Advertising costs and program fees are not included.

While I would love to promote all of my clients, not all books or authors benefit from these marketing packages equally. Some factors include the popularity of the genre, when and where it is published, the quality of the writing, among other aspects. If you are unsure, please ask which package is the best fit for you and your book.

Lois is fantastic! She is knowledgeable and understands the book-marketing landscape.
~ Debbie Gill

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