New Year’s resolutions: write book

You may be asking the question, “Did she neglect to edit her own blog title?” Not quite. My intention for this post is to challenge you to keep Write Book off your New Year’s resolutions list this year.

Without challenge, there is no change. Keep your New Year’s resolutions writing-free by making the commitment now. Human tendency craves a qualifying life event prior to a significant life change. Have you heard yourself or others quote phrases such as the ones below? 

I’ll get serious about long-term savings after the next vacation. 

I’ll lose weight after the holiday season. 

I’ll finish painting the house after binge-watching every season of HGTV’s Fixer Upper.

Welcome to Unproductivity 5.0, the art of linking goal setting to procrastination. You know what you need to do, and you know you need a timeline. Mission accomplished: I will do this (insert goal) after this (insert life event). Unfortunately, there is no prize for second place. All well-developed goals should have a timeline, but a timeline for when to finish, not of when to start.

Circle Yes or No.

You don’t need the landmark of a new year. You don’t need a significant event. You don’t need the absence of a commitment, or five uninterrupted time blanks on your schedule. You just need to make a choice. Ask yourself: Do I want to write? Let yourself respond in a fashion similar to every first crush note: Circle yes or no.

If yes, start now! Start in line at the grocery store, waiting for your flight to depart, during a lull in the holiday conversations. As quoted by Jim Rohn, “The simple things that lead to success are all easy to do. But they’re also just as easy not to do.” No magic or motivation exists on January 1 compared to any other day. Don’t miss your calling for an easier choice of less importance. Decide to keep Write Book off your 2018 Resolutions.

Perhaps you know you want to write, but know you haven’t the life experience yet to contribute deeply. Circle no. Perhaps you know you want to write, but seriously can’t handle writing with current responsibilities. Circle no. Free your mind to live and think without the burden of a commitment you’re not prepared to make or a goal you’re ill-equipped to accomplish. Set a date months or years from now to ask yourself again: Do I want to write? Then, circle yes or no.

Yes. Now What?

Perhaps you said yes to writing long ago, and now need to ask the preceding question: Do I want to publish? A series of questions follows this “yes” response. Do I want to traditional publish or self-publish? Do I need a copyright? Do I want to publish an ebook, print or both?  Refer to Your Self-Publishing FAQs Answered to help guide your questions and decisions. Just as waiting to paint your house until after watching Fixer Upper contains an element of truth, sometimes you need basic knowledge and support before beginning a new venture.

As a writer, you create your own rules. You decide what, where, and how to turn writing into a daily habit. It’s up to you to make today the new January 1, and to make your former New Year’s resolutions your every day resolve.

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Post your “yes, now” goals below! Let us know what you plan to accomplish before the start of the New Year. Include your email address below or send an email to for a goal progress check-in on January 1!

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