With thunder rumbling overhead and rain pouring down, I feel like I’ve received a little gift from Mother Nature.  Games have been cancelled and errands delayed. The rush of spring has been put on hold, if only for a little while.  I guess I’ll  take this moment to breathe.

I’ve noticed that whenever I have taken a moment or stolen a moment, if necessary, the mind-clogging crapola of the day gets flushed out like a mental dose of Milk of Magnesia.  Bathroom metaphors aside, I feel more free to think and create when I take advantage of those few precious moments in the day, or month, to slow down and breathe.

While I’m not into Zen meditation, perhaps I can learn from the practice of stillness.  Of course, 5 minutes is my limit.  I’m in the perpetual state of ants-in-my-pants and I doubt that I could manage if I tried any longer.  Maybe that’s all I need.  Just 5 minutes to block out all the noise, both actual and emotional, that halt the creative process.  Just 5 minutes for a little sanity and clarity.

If you are into apps, there is a free one from Breathing Zone.  It is pretty no frills and for good reason.  Your goal is to concentrate on your breathing for 5 minutes and gradually slow down the rate of your breath.  While not nearly as much fun as Angry Birds, you may be more equipped to handled your children if they start acting like some.

The rain stopped and the thunder rumbled on to the east. My momentary respite is over.  I’m left with a lingering calm and a sink full of dishes.

Now it’s your turn. Breathe.

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