This week’s blog features Frank Ingraham, the author of Your HR Goal Achievement Pocket Guide: Practical Guide for New Managers and Small Businesses, written to elevate personal and professional journeys of successful achievement to the next level of accomplishment. Frank culminated his writing, self-publishing his work in June 2017.

In the interview below, Frank shares insight related to his writing and publishing journey, including a few thoughts specifically for those just beginning to write. As you follow along Frank’s journey, take the time to reflect upon your own. Included below are reflection questions to guide you through stages of writing and marketing. If you feel uncertain where to begin, this a great place to start! If you feel stuck and overwhelmed, be encouraged by someone who accomplished their writing and publishing goals.

Write Your Why

Why did you decide to write?

“My primary life approach is to help others achieve. The inner circle encouragement of trusted colleagues and family members’ impacted me to write and publish my goals-focused message and nine-step instructional framework for next-level successful achievement.”


 “He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.” – Friedrich Nietzsche. For more about finding your why, read here.

What is your why? Do you believe your why will carry you through seasons of hard work, struggle and doubt?

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 Define Your Objective

What is the description of your self-published book?

“A ‘how-to’ goal achievement book targeting new managers and small businesses, providing everyone with an easy to follow nine-step, and well-defined, instructional framework to help create and achieve their goals of successful achievement.”


After you write your why, define your ‘what.’ Your ‘what’ is the information you provide for your audience. You write your ‘what’ within a framework to reach your ideal reader.

Who is your target audience? What are you writing?


Establish Your Timeline 

What was your timeframe to write and publish?

“Essentially, I dedicated two years to write this book, although a family-related circumstance delayed my self-imposed timing by a year.”


“A goal without a deadline is just a dream” – Robert Herjavec.

What is your ideal timeline? What is your acceptable timeline?


Embrace Your Obstacles

What was your greatest obstacle?

“Biggest obstacle was ensuring my life’s distractions DID NOT derail my progress to write.”


Remember, a rough course does not alter the destination.

Can you foresee any obstacles? Do you have a community or support system established to help keep you focused during unforeseen or difficult circumstances?


Enjoy Your Process 

What did you enjoy most about the writing and publishing process?

“The immense gratitude found in self-discovery and the opportunity to document my easy-to-follow goal achievement process.”


Keep your mind focused on the final result, push yourself to write, but never cease to enjoy the process. Ultimately, keep what you want out of life in focus.

Who do you hope to be at the end of your journey? What do you hope to have learned?


Reach Your Tribe

In what ways have you marketed your book?

“I will admit marketing is my weakest link, and an area where I seek to be more aggressive. My marketing methods include sharing Amazon hardcover book and Kindle eBook through LinkedIn with colleagues and gifting a set number of copies to key members of inner circle. I have established criteria for speaking events to include book purchasing and availability, attended book signings at local college campuses, and included book copies in registration for events.”


Someone out there needs the work you’ve completed. Finding and testing various marketing strategies ensures you reach those who need you most!

Have you considered your marketing strategies? What connections/platform can you establish now to help you market once your book is released?


Advice for Beginning Writers

What do you wish you knew before you started?

“Knowing my inner ‘WHY’ for writing and publishing was a huge incentive. Therefore two primary keys I wish I knew before I started writing include:

  1. The need to share my message through my writing.
  2. The need to partner with a stellar publisher.”

What advice would you give to those starting out on the writing journey?

  1. “Do not let life’s distractions derail your writing contribution.
  2. Always stay consistent.
  3. Seriously evaluate publishing options and publishing agents upon book-writing completion.”

Frank Ingraham is a credentialed Mediator, Instructor, and HR professional with 25+ years of experience, fulfilling roles as Volunteer, Mediator, and MSM Program Academic Advisor and Adjunct Instructor within graduate and doctoral Wilmington University – College of Business programs.  

Read Frank Ingraham’s full biography by accessing his website Purchase a hardback or Kindle version of Your HR Goal Achievement Pocket Guide here and connect with Frank on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

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