no regretsI’m lying in bed beating back a cold I’ve had for days.  Being somewhat of an optimist, I think of the luxury that affords me.  Who is going to ask me to cook dinner or come to work and share all the joy I’m experiencing?  That’s right, no one.

Then it’s just me, alone with my mountain of tissues and gallon of orange juice.  What to do, what to do?

This week, I watched the movies Good Will Hunting and Field of Dreams, both real classics.  Since I never get to the movies, they could have come out last month for all I know.  Combine that with a memory as keen as my grandmother’s and even a movie I’ve seen before premiers each time I click the play button.

Both movies touch on the idea of following your dreams, your passion, and not having any regrets.   No regrets.  It’s a worthy ideal.

Along those lines, I read a blog by Tribal Writer, Justine Musk about pushing yourself through to the other side of finding out who you are. Doing stuff you dream about can try a man’s (or woman’s) soul. If you dream about running a marathon but need a rest after walking from the parking lot to the front door of iHop, you may need Oprah and her cadre of trainers to get you there. But, you can get there.  Nobody said having no regrets was going to be easy.  Otherwise, you would have done it already, right?

If I die tomorrow, I’ll only have one regret. Fortunately, I just have a cold.  I think I’ll have a few more days to work on that dream.  I’ll forge ahead and when I get there, I’ll let you know.  Until then, I’ll just enjoy the journey.

Speaking of not being dead yet, I’ll leave you with this….maybe it’s the next movie on my list.  At least I won’t regret not having laughed enough.

From Monty Python and the Holy Grail. I’m not dead yet!

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