What are Facebook Notes?

Facebook recently transformed a little used tab on a Page into a more powerful blog-like tool with Facebook Notes. Meant for longer posts and complete thoughts, Facebook Notes offers an interesting alternative to blogging or an addition to your regular posts to attract new customers and keep existing fans more engaged. Perfect? No. But, it is worth checking out for yourself. Here are some pros and cons for using Facebook Notes.

The Good

If you are new to blogging and want to give it a test run or don’t want to go through the trouble of setting up a blog (on WordPress or Blogger), lack the technical know-how or have trouble generating enough content to warrant a dedicated blog, Notes might be a good solution. It is easy to use and easy to integrate into your regular posting pattern. You can add an image to attract more attention and boost the post to gain more traction. You don’t have to add software, maintain it or have any additional technical skills to make it run and it is free with your Facebook page. Facebook fans may also be more likely to click through to your full post on your page rather than to an outside link to your blog.

The Bad

If you are used to the tools available in a blogging platform like WordPress, you will feel restrained with limited formatting and widget magic that makes a traditional blog post so powerful. You can’t gather user information like email or track your users through tools like Google Analytics. The most challenging obstacle for many is the limitation of Facebook’s own algorithms. Facebook decides what your fans want to see. Maybe it is your most recent post and maybe it isn’t. Additionally, Facebook can change the rules at any time.

How to use it

Log onto your Facebook Page and click on the tab under your cover photo called Notes. If you don’t see it, click “More” and you will find it hidden there. As with a traditional blog post, use an engaging headline, headers to separate and highlight sections of the post, and finish with a cute, funny, surprising or eye-catching picture that you upload from your saved photos or a new one from your computer. Click “Publish” when you are done. You have the option to boost it (pay for it to be seen by more fans or Facebook users) as you would a traditional Facebook Page post.

The skinny

If you are already blogging, copying and pasting into a Note is quick and easy. It makes it easier to get your blog post in front of already identified fans that may or may not be hooked up as blog followers on your traditional blog. If you don’t already have a blog, this is a low-effort way to put your toe in the water. But, I don’t see this as panacea or business-altering development. Facebook will likely tweak this feature in the future and use this as a way to generate more revenue from attention-starved businesses. Either way, it is worth giving it a try to see how it works for you and your fans. Solve their problem in a Note and they will reward you for the effort.

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Have you had success with Facebook Notes? Please share your Page and your story.

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