To prepare for press coverage and other opportunities, like engaging with bookstores and libraries, you’ll do well to prepare an author one-sheet. An author one-sheet includes all relevant information about you and your book(s) in a well-designed, concise format. A one-sheet consists of one or two pages (equating to one sheet of paper) to highlight the focal point of your book and why the press, bookstore, or library should pay attention. It’s an essential marketing asset if you want to place your name in the press or placed in physical locations.

What to Include in Your Author One-Sheet

Because your one-sheet promotes your book, include the necessary information to make it easier for the media to help you. Some features, like the ISBN, are essential pieces of information. Other features like your author bio, book description, and hook help your one-sheet stand out.

First, include your information.

  • A professional author headshot
  • Your author bio
  • Your contact info, including phone and email (or your publicist, if you engage one)
  • Author website and/or social media profiles

Naturally, you’ll also include information about your book by accentuating the highlights.

  • Book cover image(s)
  • Book description, including a compelling headline or hook
  • A review or two
  • Awards or recognition

Finally, include all of the book details.

  • Retail price
  • ISBNs for all bindings (hardcover, paperback, and ebook)
  • Trim size
  • Page count
  • Publication Date
  • Distribution (through Ingram, Amazon, and other online retailers)
  • BISAC codes or book categories

Your Brand and Personality

Now that we’ve hit the details, your design highlights your personality and author brand. Review the lesson on creating your author brand if you need some clarity. Your colors, fonts, and design speak to who you are and how you present yourself and your books in the world.

Just like your book covers, your website, and your headshot, your author one-sheet helps the receiver understand how you and your book help them tell a better story or serve their customers or patrons. The words, images, design, and even the amount of “white space” on the page tell a story.

Provide the ingredients that engage them but encourage them to lean in for more. You don’t need to include everything you’ve ever written or every five-star review the book received. Including only the most relevant information makes the best parts pop, like the way cleaning out your closet leaves you with only the clothes you love. Direct them to your website to discover the full story.

Where to Use Your One-Sheet

You can include your one-sheet in your press room on your website, attach it with a press release, or include it in correspondence with bookstores or libraries. You can also print it out and display it on a table at a book fair or at a speaking engagement.

Author One-Sheet Design Example

Here is one example of a one-sheet for a children’s picture book. As you can see, the playful nature of the one-sheet matches the personality of the book. If you were creating a one-sheet for a more serious topic or have more information to share, you could use the “back” of this sheet to include more information. You may want to expand on the reviews, include a “featured on” section, other books you’ve written, or include additional resources about a topic.

author one-sheet























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