Drum roll please…

I just received the proof of my new book, Write a Book Grow Your Business: Build credibility, establish expertise and develop trust with your ideal client. I couldn’t be more excited! After 15 months of researching, writing, editing, and production, the book finally came to life. There are a few more steps before I hand it over to the Amazon gods and many more hours of marketing and promotion ahead of me. For now, I’ll relish the accomplishment of realizing another goal­—my third book.

You might wonder if finishing a third book is as joyful as the first. Athletes are often asked how winning a second or third Super Bowl compares to the first if they are lucky enough to be in that position.

Each book starts with a vision for what it might be, for what impact it might have on the reader. With the experience from the previous books, I know better what I need to say and how I need to say it and I have the challenge to make it more relevant and more useful.

The first draft is always the most fun.

I love brainstorming and visioning. Organizing my thoughts about a subject is a like composing a painting. There isn’t really a right or wrong, but some ways work better than others. I like the creative freedom that comes with writing the first draft, even for a work of nonfiction. I engage the right brain and send the left brain on sabbatical.

Even so, consistently writing with focus is a challenge at times. A bad night’s sleep, a to-do list the length of a stretch Hummer, or a mundane (but necessary) part of the book can make it hard to crank out 500 or a 1000 words on any given day.

But I push through.

Getting the idea right is the first task. Getting the words right is the second. Week after week, the book gets filled out with facts and stories, guidance and inspiration. Each sentence is a piece of me. There are other books written about writing and publishing, but none are written through my experience or my particular viewpoint. I care deeply how my writing impacts the reader. As painful as editing may be, the left brain is called back home with a red pen and an eraser cutting precious words to make room for even better ones.

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So, yes. The publishing the third book is every bit as satisfying as the first.

Writing a good book is hard work. It takes sacrifice. It takes determination. I wish that for you, dear reader. I hope you experience the joy of holding your book in your hands for the very first time. I hope you feel the deep satisfaction of working hard at something that is on your heart to do and finally, finally realizing your vision.

So here is a little bit about MY vision.

Write a Book Grow Your Business:

Business moves fast and gaining social proof is just too slow. You are tired of yelling to be heard in a crowded marketplace and feel like people don’t know or appreciate your knowledge or expertise. You want to make a difference in people’s lives and struggle to get help to the people who really need you. There has to be a better way to get customers, the ones that are best served by the work you do and the ones that best serve your business. The advent of self-publishing opened the doors to entrepreneurs at every stage and to business professionals at any level who have knowledge to share or a unique view of their area of expertise to unleash on the world. Find out how writing a book will help you grow your business.


Book launch eventThe official release date is May 2nd. For my local friends and followers, the Write a Book Grow Your Business Book Launch Celebration is Wednesday, May 11th. I would love to have you there to celebrate with me! Find more details about the book launch here.

Here’s to YOUR vision!

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