Self-publishing booksYou have written and published a book. Congratulations! Every bookstore will naturally want to sell your book, right? Well, the good news is that some independent bookstores do sell and promote local and independent authors. The bad news is, there are so many books available, both traditionally published and self-published, that bookstores can’t possibly sell all of them. Maybe not even yours.

If you have a book that has been professionally edited, professionally designed, and hits a market that is in demand right now, you have a great start to approach independent bookstores. A well-crafted hook or original spin on a topic will go a long way to make your case for a spot on the shelf. But, that is just the start. Check out what these writers have to say about getting your book into an independent bookstore. For a list of indie bookstores, go to

How to Approach Indie Bookstores

How Indie Authors Can Get Their Books Stocked in Bookshops – Part #1

Pitching Books to Indie Stores and Libraries

DIY: How to Get Your Indie Book Into Stores and Libraries

Getting Your Self-Published Book on the Shelf (i.e. Bookstore Dating 101)

Do you have experience with approaching an indie bookstore? Please share it with our readers.

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