Rumors have been flying for months, and now it’s official. CreateSpace is merging with Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). The two companies are both owned by Amazon. With the addition of print publishing to KDP, it seemed inevitable that change was underway. Earlier this year, CreateSpace discontinued their professional services to authors, no longer offering editing and design services. In a move that will simplify the publishing process for some, the change disrupts business as usual for many authors, as well as many companies who serve them.

It is unclear at this point how smoothly the transition will occur.

What we do know is that in a few weeks (by mid-September) CreateSpace will begin moving files from CreateSpace to KDP without authors having to do anything. Once the transfer begins, you will no longer have access to your files or reports. If there is anything you need from CreateSpace, now is the time to act.

During the transition, your books will remain on sale. There should be no interruption in service as long as you have selected under Standard Distribution within CreateSpace. If your books are currently available for sale on Amazon, they will remain on sale there.

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While much of operating with KDP is similar to CreateSpace, there are some differences to note. According to the KDP site, these are some things of note.

Payment Schedule

CreateSpace pays monthly royalties 30 days after the end of the month in which they were earned. KDP pays monthly royalties approximately 60 days after the end of the month in which they were earned. As a result, you’ll be paid in September for royalties earned in August on CreateSpace and be paid in October for royalties earned in August on KDP, as long as they meet the minimum threshold. Expanded Distribution royalties will be paid 60 days after the end of the month in which our distribution partners report their sales. Going forward, you’ll be paid on KDP’s payment schedule.

Cover Creator

If you used Cover Creator on CreateSpace, the design won’t be compatible with Cover Creator on KDP. We’ll move your CreateSpace files and print your book use the existing cover. However, if you want to update your cover after the move to KDP, you’ll need to design a new one with KDP’s Cover Creator. You can also use our templates.

File Review

There are minor differences between the file review process on CreateSpace and KDP. Here’s how it works on KDP:

After you upload your files, you’ll check them in Print Previewer. This tool checks for errors you need to fix before you can submit for publication.

After you submit your book, we manually check your interior and cover files. If we find any issues, we’ll email you instructions on what to fix. If necessary, you’ll revise your original file and upload the revised version to KDP.

Once your book passes our manual check, it will become available for sale on Amazon and in Expanded Distribution channels if you enabled them. See our Help page for publication timelines.

On CreateSpace, you don’t have to approve your book in the Previewer. On KDP, you can’t submit your book for publication until you approve it in the Previewer. Also, unlike CreateSpace, you don’t need to review and approve a proof on KDP. You can order a proof, but it’s not mandatory.

Title Information

There are minor differences between the title information on CreateSpace and book details on KDP. You can update your title information after the move to KDP, but your changes will have to be in line with KDP’s requirements for book details. This means changing one book detail might prompt you to change others, requiring you to resubmit your book.


When you order your book on KDP, you’ll order it through your Amazon Shopping Cart and be able to use Amazon order tracking. Also, copies for the U.K. and the rest of Europe are manufactured and shipped from within Europe. To order copies on KDP, you need to make your book available on Amazon. Learn more about author copies.

Expanded Distribution

On CreateSpace, it’s not required to make your book available on Amazon to enable Expanded Distribution. On, KDP, it’s required. To maintain uninterrupted enrollment and availability in Expanded Distribution and keep your books available for online retailers and bookstores to purchase in a few weeks (when the move from CreateSpace to KDP begins), you’ll need to make your books available for sale on To make your books available for sale, please log in to your CreateSpace account and select “” under the “Standard Distribution” channels.

If you don’t take action before the move begins, your CreateSpace books that aren’t available for sale on will move to KDP in a “draft” status and will no longer be enrolled in Expanded Distribution. To re-enroll in Expanded Distribution, you’ll need to make your books available for sale on by publishing and enabling Expanded Distribution through the KDP Bookshelf. It can take six to eight weeks for your book to become available again in Expanded Distribution channels.

Author Bio

Your author bio you entered on CreateSpace will continue to display on your book’s detail page. After you move to KDP, you can manage your bio on Author Central.

Royalties and Author Copies

Except for a small number of books printed in Europe, pricing for author copies remains the same as do royalty amounts.

Benefits of KDP for Print

There are benefits of the move for the author. You’ll have the option of running ads for your paperback on Also, your book will remain on sale while you are making changes to your book. On CreateSpace, your book is unpublished while it goes through the review process possibly causing you to lose sales. Perhaps the biggest advantage for authors already using KDP is both print and ebook housed under one roof eliminating the need to shuffle back and forth between websites to check royalty information and make changes.

There are more details to follow about the transition and specifics about how to publish your next print book on KDP. Subscribe here to follow this blog for updates.

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Of course, until the move is complete, we won’t know the full impact of the changes to authors. Take advantage of the opportunity to look at your manuscript, keywords, author bio, and book description to make them stand out. It’s so easy to “set it and forget it.” Hear the buzzer going off and make the most of the transition from CreateSpace to KDP.

If all this talk challenges your technological brain, or you find the overburdened KDP tech support unhelpful, schedule a consultation to get you and your books back on track. Contact me here.

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