Don't Touch That, Oscar!
Don't Touch That, Oscar!

Don’t Touch That, Oscar!

Can Oscar keep his eight excitable arms to himself?

It’s the last day of school, and they’re having a party! But Oscar and his friends have to wait for the party to start. Against all odds, Oscar discovers that his biggest challenge is his greatest gift in this heartwarming story of friendship and acceptance.

Don’t Touch That, Oscar! is perfect for excitable little creatures ages 2-7.


I love Oscar’s exuberant spirit; it resonates with many of us who struggle to do what is right when temptation looms. The simple yet vibrant illustrations add depth to the mounting tension as potential disaster tests Oscar’s limits.

As the parent of a kindergartner who has trouble sitting still and following rules, this book felt very timely for us to read together, and he enjoyed the story as well. I asked how many stars we should give it, and my son said, “Infinity!”

It is a cute story, with wonderful characters, and great artwork. The author managed to fit into her fast paced tale the importance of diversity, friendship, working together, resisting temptation, and finding ones own talents to save the day.

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My grandson loved Oscar!! This book should be in all classrooms.
Will highly recommend this book.

Loved reading this book – great book for parents and teachers!
Wonderful story! The writing is clever which makes it fun to read and the illustrations are bright and engaging. Highly recommend!

A magical, beautifully illustrated story perfect for all of us who can’t sit still and just jump right in. Oscar is very lovable.

Meet the Author

Lois Hoffman

Lois Hoffman author

Lois Hoffman is the owner of The Happy Self-Publisher and award-winning author of Write a Book, Grow Your Business, The Self-Publishing Roadmap, Don’t Touch That, Oscar!, among others. She helps new and experienced writers share their experiences, knowledge, and creativity through a variety of personalized writing, marketing and self-publishing services and emerge as confident authors.

Meet the Illustrator

Ezequiel Decarli

Ezequiel Decarli Illustrator

Ezequiel Decarli is a designer and freelance illustrator based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He started drawing when he was six years old and has created characters and scenes for many independent authors. He illustrated his first children’s book called When Poke Woke (2019) and, subsequently, the sequel Poke’s Toque (2021), both of which have been translated into Spanish. Ezequiel feels a special connection with children’s book illustrations and enjoys coming up with designs for cute animals, monsters, and comics.

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If you run a bookstore or other specialty shop and would like Don’t Touch That, Oscar! for your shelves, the book is distributed through Ingram. See the sell sheet for details.

For bulk purchases of 25 books or more, please contact Lois Hoffman for discounted pricing and bulk purchase information. 

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