Perhaps you want to start a blog, but wonder if it is a profitable investment? After all, any new venture requires time or money – and often both!

Consider your overall goals to determine if or when to launch a blog. You want blogging to be profitable pursuit, not a distraction. If you are on the fence about starting a blog, consider these ways to turn your blog posts into a lucrative business or even a full-time gig! After all, if a blog can support your long-term goals and become a source of income, it could be your win-win, next-level opportunity.

Use your Blog to Make Money

Options are endless – with some creativity and legwork, you can find countless ways to profit from blogging. The following are a few options to get you started. Best news? You can begin implementing these strategies on Day 1 of your Blogging Journey.

  1. Offer Paid Services

From the launch of your blog, consider offering a variety of paid services. Offering services shows you are serious about what you have to say and establishes you as an expert in your content area. Subscribers are likely to take interest in your content if they view you as a source in for the long haul.

After all, if readers enjoy your content, would they not value paying for more of your expertise? Capitalize on questions raised from your blog posts. Offering online coaching or consultation packages makes you available to those looking for more of what you can provide.

  1. Affiliate Income

Find products you like, that align with your blogging goals and consider promoting those products on your blog. You can agree to a commission with the advertiser for every sale made through a specific link with your affiliate code. To promote, you could include your affiliate link through side banners or create a post featuring the product. Every sale with your link will be money in your pocket and an introduction to the world of passive income.

Read more about affiliate marketing to make money on your blog.

  1. Sell Physical Products

If you have a book, sell your book! If you have created notes, notebooks, study guides, yes, even t-shirts – sell those products. Just be sure the product relates to your blog content, and you account for inventory and shipping expenses.

If you are interested in selling products, but not in creating them yourself – consider partnering with friends or businesses you respect, who support your cause. You can sell their books or products for a cut of the profit and none of the hassle.

  1. Downloadable Products

Create a solid income from offering downloadable products from your blog. These products could include anything from E-books to digital subscriptions to printables! Could creation of motivational quotes, planner pages, cards, invitations, pieces of art, or kid activities align with the content of your blog? How about a digital subscription for insider-only information related to your expertise?

Selling downloadable products is a fantastic way to increase profit margins. Downloads require no up-front investment outside of your time and creative abilities!

  1. Online Courses

Creating an online course multiplies yourself, your time, and ultimately, your audience reach. Paid services are a great starting source of revenue, but revenue through paid services is limited to your availability. Online courses have no such limit.

Quality online courses require significant upfront investment, especially if you are unable to record and edit video content yourself. If you prefer to establish a more interactive course, consider utilizing closed Facebook groups. You could also create a more rigorous course leading to certification.


Make sure that you provide consistent, valuable content to your readers. Let them know you’ll be there, solving their problem at regular intervals. Whether you blog daily or weekly, readers want to know you are there for them today, tomorrow, and next year. Make sure the content truly serves them and they will follow your lead.

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For the biggest impact, share your content! Share it on social media, to your email list, and on your business card, if you network locally. Consider whether the payoff of Facebook or Google ads makes advertising worth the cost for achieving your goals. AND, make it easy for others to share your content with share buttons, Click to Tweet quotes, and Pinterest widgets.

Did these suggestions get your wheels turning? What is your next move? Comment below if you plan to implement these income strategies on your blog. If you’ve had success with these or other revenue methods, let us know!

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