You are curious. My readers, in general, are curious people. It’s awesome! I love sharing what I’ve learned and seeing your (LED) lightbulb go on in your head. I started my company because I wanted to make it easy for aspiring authors to publish their books. Soon after, I realized that writers need help with writing and organizing before they get to the point of publishing. You want to know your book is good BEFORE you publish it, right?

In order to satisfy your ravenous appetite for information about writing, publishing, and book promotion, I’m developing a series of online writing courses aimed at giving you exactly what you need and delivered in a way that’s easiest to consume. Before I wrote one word or shot one video, I considered why writers and aspiring authors take writing courses in the first place.

So, why do writers take classes? You could read a book or go to the library or sit in the local coffee shop and wait for the writing gods to descend on you. Some do. But for the countless others, writing courses serve a variety of purposes. Here are some of the biggest reasons so many writers and aspiring writers pull money out of their pockets and time out of their lives taking writing courses.

Motivation and Accountability

This may be the biggest reason people take writing courses. You might have an idea that’s stuck in your head or a manuscript dusty from neglect. You might take a writing course to clear out the cobwebs or get unstuck. You might need the inspiration to get started and put pen to paper. If you’re like a lot of people you need to be in a space that motivates you to get your book done. While some courses are deadline-based with specific assignments due at a specific time, others allow more flexibility to work around your life. In either case, there is an expectation of effort that pushes you or pulls you, toward the finish line. We all need a little motivation now and then.


A blank screen is scary. Putting words on a page gives you the courage to write the next ones, even if they are the perfect words. A writing course is a safe space to try something you’ve never tried before or explore different parts of your creative self. Everyone is learning. Everyone is exploring what it means to be a writer. Frequently, it also gives you the opportunity to get feedback from other writers or the instructor which gives you the confidence you are on the right track or provides the insight to make you a better writer. A confident writer writes more and is more likely to finish and publish a book.

Learn something new

Most writers don’t start with an MFA (Master of Fine Arts) in creative writing or a degree in English. Writing courses help put you back in gear or fill in the gaps you never learned in freshman year English class. Depending on the program, you’ll walk away from a writing course with increased vocabulary, a better understanding of literary elements, voice, style, pace, or story arc. You may discover the secrets of the writing industry or the best way to write your book for success after the launch. Regardless of the type of writing course, a good one will stretch your potential and help you find ways to unlock your creativity. The more you know, the more self-confident you’ll be.

Find a new way to explore your topic

If you’re struggling to write or organize your book, a writing course is a good way to help explore new ways to think about it. By clarifying the purpose of your book, you open up opportunities for telling your story or explaining your subject. You’ll discover what motivates readers to pick up your book and read to the finish it. Learning about story arcs and organization helps you maximize that amount of pages readers read and get out of your book.

Tackle an obstacle

Writing takes many forms: fiction and nonfiction, historical and motivational, inspirational and paranormal, among countless others. Some writers need the courage to write from a painful experience or a challenging situation. The structure of a writing course encourages writers to get thoughts out of their head and onto the page and face their fears head-on. It’s a gentle push toward problem-solving whether it’s internal or within the story itself. If the challenge is writing the book, a comprehensive course gives you the structure to break it down into not-so-scary chunks. You aren’t climbing Mt. Everest in a single trek or tackling a marathon the first time you lace up.

Be part of a community of writers

You’ve found the perfect writing cubby in the corner of your house decorated with your favorite inspirational trinkets along with a full pot of hazelnut coffee. Everyday. Alone. A big part of the flock toward writing courses is the community that accompanies it. Writing is a lonely business and writers need each other for feedback, inspiration, and accountability. A committed writing community will cheer you on when you’re nailing it or lift you up if you’re having one of those days.

Unlock the possibilities for the future

Taking a writing course gets you one step closer to living the creative life you’ve dreamed about. Maybe that’s writing as a side hustle, quitting your job, or simply bringing more joy to your life. It may propel you into teaching or a speaking career, too, if that’s your thing. You’ll be in good company with other aspiring authors ready to make their next big shift. If you don’t know what that looks like going in, you’ll have a better idea by the end.

Like any new adventure, writing a book is a little scary. We risk something when we put ourselves out there. Think of the alternative. Not risking anything won’t get us anywhere.

That’s why people take writing courses. It’s a small calculated risk with potentially big rewards. Think of all you are about to become.

What do you want out of a writing course?

Here’s my course…waiting for you.

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