5 Simple Steps to Mindful Writing

Do you struggle with writing daily?  Do you feel like you get what they call writers’ block?  Getting stuck does not have to be your reality.  If you change your habits, you will change your results.

I just completed my first book, and the mindfulness habits I teach others helped me be a more efficient and better writer.  When I was running around in a stressed or busy state, my writing suffered greatly, and I would get frustrated. I got in the habit of writing early in the morning right after I completed my morning practice of breathing and grounding as that would put me a very calm, present state, and the words and ideas seem to flow from my fingers. 

Writing in a Flow State

Some days, I would get so lost in my writing that hours would go by, and it felt like minutes.  I felt the ideas were coming from outside of me. Those were the days I made the most progress and got the most breakthroughs. Those are the days we want to have every single day.  Life is not always that easy, but those types of days tend to happen more when I am consistent with my mindfulness practice.  My gift to you is a daily mindfulness practice that you can build into your mornings before you start writing.  I call it getting in the zone or the flow so you can be more productive.

5 Simple B.E.I.N.G. Steps for a Daily Mindfulness Practice

B – Step #1 – Three-Part Breathing: (this will get you present): It is called Three-Part Breathing because there are three steps. You count in three-second intervals, and you repeat the three steps three times.

  1. Take a very deep breath in through your nose on a count of three, breathing in love.
  2. Hold it for a count of three.
  3. Release it through your mouth on a count of three, releasing all that doesn’t serve you.

Repeat these three steps two more times for a total of three deep breaths. Once you have completed this breathing sequence, you should feel much more grounded, centered, and relaxed.

E – Step #2 – Earthing or Grounding:  Visualize yourself as a tree, standing tall and proud out in your field. Feel the sun’s rays coming down and warming your branches and leaves (your head, shoulders, arms, and hands). Feel the warmth and energy from the sun flowing down through your trunk (or core). Feel it flow all the way through your legs and down to your feet, where the roots of your tree flow out the bottom of your feet. Feel those roots flow into the soft soils of the earth that are full of life force, rooting and grounding you to the earth. Allow the power of the earth’s energy to flow back up into your roots and into the bottom of your feet. Feel your feet begin to tingle and warm. Feel that warmth and tingle flow from your feet up into your calves and up to your thighs, where your entire legs are warming and tingling. Feel that flow across your hips and up into your core. Feel that flow all the way up to your neck and head, warming and tingling, and then across your shoulders down your arms to your fingertips and turn up the volume like you would turn up the volume on a stereo. Just resonate in that powerful energy. And then take a deep breath.

I – Step #3 – Intentions:  Your thoughts become things, so you want to think and focus on what you do want.  The best way to do this is to set intentions for the day or writing activity.  It helps set the tone for the day. You are saying something as simple as I intend to have a writing session that flows with ease and grace, and I am grateful to be able to make good progress today.  Sit with the feeling of having that happen so you can keep that belief within you.  You can have more than one intention but keep it simple.

N -Step #4 – True North Affirmation:  This is where you focus on your overall Goal or purpose; what I call your true North.  You want to affirm what you are doing and where you are going. It can be as simple as, I know my purpose in this world is to share my knowledge through this book or blog, etc.  I know it will make a difference in the lives of others, and I am grateful I can do this with ease.

G -Step #5 – Guidance: The last step is trust in a higher source to help guide you, and when you are quiet and centered, you are more likely to get “ah-ha” moments where ideas or words just come to you.  Trust what you hear or feel.

The more you build a process like this into your daily life, it will become a habit, and you will find yourself more in the writing flow state more of the time.  

About the Author

Marla Williams is a coach, speaker, and spiritual intuitive who guides people of all ages and backgrounds to happiness and health through a self-discovery, reconnection, and healing process. She is passionate about helping people transform their lives by learning to operate in The BEING Zone. Look for her book and companion journal, The BEING Zone and The BEING Journal on Amazon.  Learn more about her coaching and online training at www.TheBEINGZone.com 

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