[Revised in 2020] For authors who write children’s and YA stories, here are a few upcoming children’s writing contests to use for gaining valuable experience and building your writing platform!

Adventure Writers Competition

The Adventure Writers Competition focuses solely on adventure writing. Published or unpublished authors can submit in the young adult adventure category. Other categories including thriller, mystery, crime, spy and western are also available for submission.

Cost of Entry: $35

Opportunity: One $1000 award and two $500 awards, exposure for publishing and marketing on AWC website.

Deadline: April 30, 2020

Institute for Children’s Literature

The Institute for Children’s Literature offers year round opportunities for authors to showcase their writing in various genres. Stay tuned! The next children’s writing contest announcement will release in June.

Cost of Entry: $19

Opportunity: Entry into an educational workshop and part of the $1300 prize money.

Deadline: August 31st

Reader’s Favorite International Book Award Contest

For all writers, published and unpublished, international or local, first time or experienced to become award winning authors! This international book award contest invites thousands of submissions each year. To give equal opportunity to all authors, the contest divides into over 140 categories with five winners per each category.

Cost of Entry: $99-$109

Opportunity: One of $95,000 worth of prizes, a digital award seal, and your book reviewed and displayed across book fairs, libraries, social media, database of agents and publishers, and literature databases.

Deadline: May 1st

Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards

Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards offers opportunity for published authors to receive acclamation of their work. Children’s authors, published or self-published, of books released after October 2018 are eligible for this award. Children’s eBooks are also eligible for submission.

Cost of Entry: $95 ($85 for early bird)

Opportunity: A medal, personalized certificate, invitation to awards celebration and 20 seals.

Deadline: August 18th

Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators

The Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators or SCBWI offers various award and grant opportunities for published and unpublished authors. The Emerging Voice Award, Book Launch Award, and The Golden Kite Award are popular for submission among many others listed on the website. The Emerging Voice Award is upcoming for 2020 but bookmark others for future opportunities.

Cost of Entry: $95 for 12 months of SCBWI Membership

Opportunity: Paid trip to SCBWI Conference, manuscript consultation, and publicity.

Deadline: November 15th

Also periodically submitting work into well know children’s resources such as Highlights or Writer’s Digest for Children or Young Adults can offer additional experiential opportunities (and potentially a few extra in cash!).

Looking for writing contests for adult readers, check these out.

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