If you have a coaching business, you know you’re good at what you do. What you might not know is writing a book can make you BETTER. Three things will absolutely change when you embark on a writing journey.

Your clients, your business, and YOU. 

Your clients

When you write a book, you examine everything about your target client– You devote time and energy to explore exactly who your target reader is: how old they are, where they live, what they value, what they fear, their pain points, and what they need from you. Mostly, you discover what inspires them to move toward a better future. You also understand who you want to work with, AND who drains your energy. When you do all of this, you start attracting the RIGHT clients to scale your business. Once you do this, your marketing will work better, too. They see themselves in your solution because you are talking their language and hear what they need loud and clear.

Your Coaching Business

That’s just the start. When you write a book, you’ll see your coaching business grow not just because you’ve created a valuable marketing tool. Writing a book challenges you to explore your coaching philosophy and examine exactly how you’ll help the clients who need you. You’ll hone your systems so you can help more people with less effort or use the book to guide clients through your process. And you’ll renew your enthusiasm for coaching because you’ll remember why you got into coaching in the first place. You’ll also understand your coaching business better because you’ll write about the very thing you’re doing every day. You’ll look at new ways of sharing your knowledge and motivating your clients through the change they desire.

Hiring a coach may be a scary thing for people. Your book shares your coaching philosophy AND, more importantly, reveals your commitment to helping them succeed. You develop the all-important trust you need for them to choose you over all the other coaches out there. They’ll see it in your words whether you are in it for yourself or TRULY in it for them.


Finally, the very process of writing a book will change the way you feel about yourself. It’s undoubtedly a transformative journey. The creative and mental challenge along with the dedication to see it through to the end can only serve to make you more confident even if you already feel on top of the world. Don’t you think that confidence and experience will help your clients? You bet it will!

Although I had been writing on and off since I was a teenager, first poetry, then children’s stories, it wasn’t until I took a writing class that the desire to write and publish a book took hold of me. Honestly, it was one of those “How to write a book in a weekend” workshops. And although, as a writer, I knew that was, well, crap, I started writing anyway. And, yes. It took me longer than a weekend to write it. It took me even longer to figure out how to publish it. So, when that book finally came in the mail, the book with MY name on it, BOOM! I felt like I could fly. I remember the feeling vividly. If I could do this, I could do anything! It isn’t a feeling that fades either. I still draw on that experience when things get challenging in my life or business. It pulls me through because I remember that feeling… the exhilarating reward at the end of that journey. Believe me, it doesn’t get old.

If you don’t know how to start, just click here.

What kind of coach are you and how can a book help you AND your clients?

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