It’s the little things that make life so great, isn’t it? Gratitude for the big things, (health, family, a good-paying job)  is easy. But, when you start to notice and appreciate the little things, life’s little victories, that’s when you are really living. Gratitude can get you through hard times and amplify the good ones. Concentrating on the small stuff not only makes you feel better, it heightens your awareness. The more you look for the little things, the more you will find. That’s what being a writer is about. Noticing the little things in life that no one else did.

A book jumped out at me on a bookstore shelf and I want to share a few nuggets from it. Here are my top 11 awesome things from The Book of Awesome:

  1. Licking the batter off of the beaters of a cake mixer
  2. When you are really tired and about to fall asleep and someone throws a blanket on you
  3. Old folks that sit on the porch and wave to you as you go by
  4. The smell of frying onions and garlic
  5. Your favorite old, comfy T-shirt
  6. Laughing so hard you make no sound at all
  7. Successfully moving all your clothes from the washer to the dryer without dropping anything
  8. Building an amazing couch-cushion fort
  9. Getting out of the car and stretching at a highway rest stop
  10. Hanging your hand out the car window
  11. A long hug when you really need it

[bctt tweet=”When you start to notice life’s little victories, that’s when you are really living. #gratitude”]

As you are going about your day today, stop to notice all of the awesome things that are right in front of you. And then, take some time to think about it, talk about it or write about it. What awesome things did you discover today?

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