generate businessYou know that writing a book is a fast-growing trend. For the business professional, it has not only become a curiosity but a necessity, as well. With a crowded marketplace for coaches and consultants, marketers and real estate professionals and other professionals who are judged based on trust and expertise, writing a book it a valuable tool to get noticed and get hired. The problem is, how do you use the book to generate the business you want? Here are ten effective ways to use a book to generate business.

As a giveaway

Perhaps giving away your book was not your first thought. You want to sell your book and make money, right? Maybe. The first thing to determine is whether the money is in your book or your business. If the wholesale cost of the book is $3.25 and the potential from giving away your book is in the thousands, the return on investment is high and therefore a valuable tool for use as a giveaway.

Goodreads has an effective giveaway program. The Kindle giveaway program through KDP and Amazon also generate a lot of interest. You can also run a contest on social media to generate buzz and excitement. Books are excellent door prizes and silent auction items when paired with a coupon for your services. In addition to visibility, giveaways are valuable for generating reviews. Reviews are gold for your book. The more positive reviews you have, the more likely someone else will put out money to buy it.

To get interviewed

News organizations are constantly searching for experts for articles, radio programs, blogs, podcasts, and webinars. Demonstrating your expertise through authorship gives you an edge over the competition. Use services like HARO (Help a Reporter Out) to seek out opportunities to contribute to articles and other media opportunities. Services like PR Wire help to push out messages to a wide range of media outlets that hunger for the next story to engage their readers.

To get speaking engagements

Writing a book says a lot about your expertise. It also says a lot about your character. While some authors are visionary and forward thinking, all authors are tenacious. It takes consistent time and effort and can be difficult, at least at times. People know and value the hard work.

You are the ultimate authority on your subject. After all, you wrote the book. It is a great lead-in to approaching event organizers for keynote and other speaking engagements. Mailing a book or sending an ebook to a potential organization will position you for top conferences or meetings in front of your ideal client.

As advertising

In addition to advertising your book to sell your book, use the book launch as an opportunity to put your name in front of more people. Post an announcement in alumni publications, trade journals, and business organization newsletters. Send a press release to announce your book launch event and publication.

As social media fodder

Use the entire process of writing and publishing your book as the story line on social media. Let followers follow your journey along the way. Did you just start the book, reach 20,000 words, or research something really interesting? Have your followers vote on the title of the book. Give them teasers and release sample chapters like bread crumbs leading to your publication date. Announce your book launch event and invited followers if they are local or have a virtual book launch party if your followers are not geographically centered. Get your followers excited about the process and they will reward you with purchases of your book.

As a value-added product

Whether you are hosting a seminar or selling your services, including a book as part of the package is a valuable add-on. People like bonuses and people value books.

As a lead generation tool

Using tools like LeadPages, entice potential customers to sign up for your newsletter or mailing list by offering a free ebook. If you can solve their problem, they will happily give their name and email address for the privilege. While many don’t like this tactic, it is clearly effective in building an email list. Readers are used to giving something to get something. You know you are giving them something of value that can bring relief or understanding to their situation. The ability to send follow-up emails allows you to help potential customers even more.

As a way to target ideal clients

Who are your ideal clients? Your book is an effective tool to attract the clients you want and deflect the clients that you don’t serve or don’t serve your business. Your book frames the way you do business and allows the reader to self-select toward you or away from you. Does your method promote the value of a paradigm shift in their life for lasting change or a magic bullet that is simple to use and get results? You want the client that values the way you operate. A book sets the stage for your interaction.

As a credibility tool

A book establishes you as an expert in your field. Use the name of your book and your title as an author on your website, in your bio, on your business card, in your elevator speech, on your LinkedIn and other social media profiles, and in your introduction before you speak. Potential customers don’t have to read the book to know that you wrote it or for you to derive the value from it.

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As a promotional item

We’ve all received countless pens, jar openers, magnets, and other little trinkets as promotional items. Many, many are thrown away or stuffed in some drawer never to be seen again. A book is different. No one throws books away or sticks them in a drawer. When published through reputable publishing houses like CreateSpace or Ingram Spark, they can be a low-cost way to give something of value to potential clients. When you give something of value, it positions you as someone of value and the value of your product or services.


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