Writing Help

You’ve thought about writing a book. Maybe people have said you should write a book. You have the expertise about a topic or a unique experience to share. And you know it will make a difference for others AND for you.

But you’ve put it off.

Every time you think about it, you feel overwhelmed. Where do I start? How do I write it? What will people think? Who am I to write a book?

I get it. Doubt is a powerful detractor.

Maybe you’ve made real effort to research and write your book, but each time you get stuck. You read confusing or incomplete information and just need a way forward.

You aren’t alone. And I want to help.

I work with nonfiction writers and pre-writers to imagine and craft a book to meet your WHY. From goal-setting to brainstorming and organizing to editing, I help you to carve out a path and keep you on track.

I help aspiring authors who:

  • Are writing a nonfiction book
  • Are writing a book to build credibility and establish expertise in your field
  • Are writing a memoir
  • Are writing an inspirational book
  • Are writing a family history
  • Are a new or experienced writer (I love working with first-timers.)
  • Can visualize their future as a writer and author

You are in the WRONG place if you are:

  • Looking for a get-rich-quick solution – that’s not my style

You are in the RIGHT place if:

  • You are driven by vision and determined to succeed

If that’s you, I can help you get there.

Choose from two solutions to get your book visualized, written, and done.

This is your time.

Not someday. Right now. It’s time to turn your dream into action and write your book.

Don’t know which solution is right for you? Schedule a complimentary 30-minute Discovery Session and discover the possibilities of you: the writer, the author.