If your readers are on Facebook, you need to be on Facebook.

If you are new to writing or if you are an established writer trying to build a fan base, this is the perfect time to set up a Facebook page. You might be thinking you already have a personal profile. Isn’t that enough? I would argue that you need both.

Why you need a Facebook Page?

There are many advantages to having a Facebook Page in addition to a personal profile. The first and main distinction is separating your personal and writing life. Although your writing may intersect with your everyday existence, as you build your fan base, they may not want to hear about Aunt Sally’s knee replacement or your dog’s latest fascination with Game of Thrones.

But that’s not the only reason. You can also gather emails, send people to your website, if you have one, schedule posts, create ads, and can view valuable insights about who is viewing and engaging with your posts. You have many options to share your posts with people outside of your limited circle of friends that creates boundless opportunities for reaching new readers.

How to Create a Facebook Page?

You can step up a Facebook Page in just a few minutes and fill it in details as you get more information and establish yourself more as a writer.

First, go to the left navigation bar of your Home feed in Facebook. (To get to your Home feed, go to the top right of any page on Facebook and click the button marked “Home.”)

At the bottom of the navigation, click on the word “Page” under CREATE as shown here.

On the next page, click Artist, Band, or Public Figure.

Create Facebook Page

In the drop-down box, scroll to the bottom and click “Writer.” Choose a name for your page. I suggest you use your writer or author name instead of the name of your book to maximize your impact as you continue writing. Once you click to continue, behold your new Facebook page.

Create Facebook Page

Fill in the details with a profile photo (a professional headshot is best) and a cover photo. You can start with something generic for your cover photo just to get you started (like a stack full of books) or add (or create) a graphic that speaks to your writer brand. Your writer or author brand is how your readers relate to who you are in the world. Apple has a brand. Starbucks has a brand. You, as a writer, have a brand, too. If you need help creating a Facebook cover photo, try using a free graphic tool like Canva.

Create Facebook Page

Continue by adding a description of your writing, a brief bio, or just a little about you as a writer. Give readers a reason to stick around even if you haven’t established yourself yet. You can update this information at any time, so don’t get bogged down.

You can also add buttons to your site to encourage readers to contact you or make purchases. Each element you add brings new opportunities for engagement.

How do I get people to Like my Facebook Page?

Invite your friends! Fortunately, Facebook wants you to succeed. They give you a list of your Facebook friends and a quick link to invite each of them to like your page. You can invite everyone or choose your friends who are most likely to be interested in your writing. Personally, I encourage you to invite them all and let them decide for themselves. Even if they won’t directly benefit from your writing, they may know somebody that will.  They may just want to cheer you on. Let them!

As you post interesting, shareable content, you’ll attract more readers. So how do you do that?

What do I post on a Facebook Page?

First, it’s important to know the purpose for your Page is about building relationships with your readers. You may eventually sell books via your Page, but it’s really about letting them into your world and establishing a connection based on trust. They trust that you are out for them and not just yourself. This isn’t something you’ll do in a week or a month. It’s part of the reason to start building your fan base long before you publish your book.

Post your favorite quotes about writing, ask questions of your readers, post photos from your upcoming book or of your favorite writing spaces, or take a video while you’re researching an interesting place. List your five favorite books and ask about their top five. Ask about the most inspiring lyrics from a song. Tell them what you’re writing and what motivates you. You can post nuggets of information like tips or facts that you research and write or find fun or interesting articles to share with your readers written by someone else. It can be a lot more than just articles. Look for videos on YouTube, photos on Pinterest, or presentations on SlideShare.

Much of what you post depends on your specific genre or topic, but concentrate on helping your reader discover something new or help them solve a problem. Zig Ziglar once said, “You can have everything in life you want if you will just help other people get what they want.” That’s your goal.

Zig Ziglar quote

Your Facebook Page is just one part of building your author platform, but an important one. Establish your presence and then build your relationships through consistent and engaging content. Your readers will become fans and reward you in the end.

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Do you already have a Facebook page? Please share it in the comments below and connect with other writers to widen your universe. Let’s build our platforms together!

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