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Lois, you have been such a pleasure to work with to get my book published. I don’t think I could have worked with a better person to meet my publishing goal. I was so impressed with your technical knowledge of all that is required to organize, format, and market my book for publication. Additionally, involving your editor in the final review of my manuscript made a big difference in the overall quality of my book. You have great interpersonal skills, and for me as a first-time author, you demonstrated seemingly endless patience and willingness to walk me through step-by-step all of the intricate details necessary to get my book printed and placed on Amazon.com to sell. When I write my next book, you will certainly be the one I call to assist me. I highly recommend you to anyone that is looking for someone with your expertise to assist them in publishing their book. Thank you so much! ~ Harold E. Stafford, Author of Ellis “Water Boy” Stafford

I am writing this testimonial out of thanks and eternal gratitude to my publisher Lois Hoffman. A year ago Lois expressed excitement that I’d be a published author. In her dreams! Yet, here I am today a published author due to Lois’s encouragement and wisdom.Her abundant help started before the publication, continued during the publication, and has continued after the publication and continues this day. Anyone as clueless as I was about how to publish a book and all it entails would be smart to choose Lois as their publisher. Every tip she gave me from resources to read to the timing of activities entailed in the book’s production and promotion was spot-on perfect. I was more than fortunate to have Lois in my corner—I was blessed. Lois—I am a published author today thanks to you. I will always be grateful. ~  Janice Wald, Author of An Insider’s Guide to Building a Successful Blog

As a new author in the world of publishing, I found working with The Happy Self-Publisher to result in an extremely stress-free, memorable, and user-friendly relationship.  Lois Hoffman was very attentive to answering all of my questions and delivered a gentle hand in providing needed direction in order to expose my book to the world of interested readers.  I strongly recommend anyone, new or experienced, to utilize The Happy Self-Publisher.  Lois de-mystified the complexities of publishing and supplied an extremely pleasant experience.  I am one happy author, thanks to Lois and The Happy Self-Publisher organization.  Thank you. ~ Frank Ingraham, Ed.D., Author of Your HR Goal Achievement Pocket Guide

I had the joy of working with a book coach, Lois Hoffman, who was committed to my success. She gently prodded and nudged me towards what I said were my goals. Her enthusiasm and encouragement infused me with confidence. Lois held my hand every step of the way until I held my 1st book, Embracing Autumn, in my hand. If you are ready to write a book, don’t travel the road alone. Lois Hoffman will be your ready companion until you are finally a published author! ~ Donna Duffy, Author of Embracing Autumn

Dearest Lois:
I shall try to neither gush nor minimize regarding the help you have provided in bringing “Notes from the Garden” into becoming a beautifully published book. I’ll not regale you with stories of despair on my part nor your free psychiatric services “phoned-in” during the birth of my first child- (The Book). Your ability to juggle my numerous insecurities while formatting, revising and changing commas into semicolons was Magical! Thank you for making a dream manifest as a brilliantly written book with a bright and shiny butterfly cover. Marvelous work…except for one comma where I meant to place a semi-colon…JUST KIDDING!!! ~ Greg Wright, Author of  Notes from the Garden

Thank you for your incredible help in prepping and formatting my book for publication on Amazon Direct Publishing. Your book was helpful in getting me started in the process, but I found I was overwhelmed and needed your direct intervention to complete the many and complicated tasks required by the publisher. I would recommend your service to anyone considering publishing a book on Amazon or any other publishing format. ~ Tom Garvey, Author of  Many Beaucoup Magics

Lois Hoffman–the Happy Self-Publisher–knows her stuff! I wasn’t sure that a consultation with her would help me because I didn’t  think I really wanted to write a book. Lois asked me exactly the right questions, and, poof! I saw both the obstacles preventing me from writing and the value of what I want to write about. I have ideas to share! The session was revelatory. ~ Cathy Platt Irwin (future author)

I had this idea to start a blog, and I was doing lots of on-line research but not making progress on developing it until I found The Happy Self Publisher.  Lois responded to my request for assistance with energy and enthusiasm.  She provided valuable instruction and resources on writing blog posts that I was not getting elsewhere online.  She was also candid about writing a blog and helped me to gain perspective on blog writing as one tool to support my business. Our strategy session gave me the confidence, accountability, and motivation I needed to turn my idea into reality.  I am so grateful to have found Lois.  She is a wealth of knowledge on writing and an excellent coach. ~ Kim Hoffman, Patterson Schwartz Real Estate

Lois is a natural facilitator, with a positive energy that is infectious. While her workshops are organized with a logical flow of topics, she addresses all participant questions tactfully and encourages group discussion. Having attended two of her workshops to date (Write a Book, Grow Your Business & Blogging for Business), I appreciate the sheer quantity of information and advice provided. Both sessions included activities that allowed for application to our own individual projects, goals, and businesses. After only 90 minutes, I left with a clear plan of action, renewed enthusiasm, and actual completed steps that I could implement immediately. I look forward to attending more of Lois’s insightful workshops! ~ Julia Willson, Owner, Edits by Julia

Thank you, Lois! This workshop is the best yet. You are precise, concise, and extremely informative. All of my questions were answered. ~ Schalea Sanders, Author of The Gift of Teaching

Lois is a wonderful presenter. She was clear and concise in her presentation, handled distractions with grace and was cheerful and engaging. ~ Karen O’Lone Hahn, Author of Millicent and the Faraway Moon

Lois’s introductory workshop is phenomenal. It is full of great content, strategies, resources. Powerful! A must attend for anyone who wants to be or has ever thought about being an author. ~ Bob “Bobby G” Biss

I have an idea for sharing what I have learned to inspire others by writing a book, but I didn’t know how to get started. Lois has done everything already and is willing to share. I feel empowered to get started! ~ Barbara Hannah

Outstanding introduction that has kick-started my enthusiasm for finishing a project that has lingered on and ready to see the light of day! ~ Robanne Palmer

If you have always wanted to write a book and did not know where to start with getting it published, Lois has the answers! – Bev Gregerio

I was very pleased with all of the info you divulged! I had no idea that I could achieve this! Thanks so much! ~ Patricia L. Reese

Lois is super friendly and engaged with the workshop attendees’ personal goals. She offered advice tailored to each person here with enthusiasm. Thank you! ~ Marlee

The workshop was extremely helpful! It really helped with organizing the process of publishing. Lois has a wealth of information on writing, publishing, and selling. ~ Audrey Bruce

Great workshop, delivered with positive energy and authority. A comprehensive overview of self-publishing, very useful. Glad I attended – gave me a real boost. ~ Dave Guseman

Great workshop. Very informative. I highly recommend this speaker for anyone thinking of writing a book. ~ Pete Kamenik

I was very impressed with Lois’s depth of knowledge in directing me on the next phase of writing my memoir. ~ Paul Harvey

This is a “don’t miss” workshop for any business owner! Even if you haven’t thought of writing a book before, this fun and engaging workshop might just change your mind. ~ Pat DePalma, Organized for Life

Very informative and interesting. Good delivery. Good pace and presentation.

Lois is an excellent motivational speaker. She keeps her workshop “user-friendly” and engages her audience in her presentation ~ Barbara Nolan

It is evident that Lois has invested a lot of time educating herself on self-publishing and can be an invaluable resource to guide anyone interested in writing a book to use to grow their business or whatever their goal is. She makes a daunting process seem like an achievable goal! ~ Mary Karakashian, Unique Home Staging and Design

Speaker was prepared and enjoyable. I got a lot of information and felt the evening was worthwhile. ~ Benita

This workshop will help you think about the who, what and why of book writing. This workshop helped me get my creative juices flowing. ~ Lisa Bryant

Your workshop has me given me inspiration and motivation to write more. I found it very informative and engaging. ~ Le’Cinda Waugh

Very educational! The workshop is a must for anyone writing a book. ~ Cheryl Strootman

As a former teacher/professor, I like the idea of taking academia to the masses or the “streets.” You are living proof of that idea. ~ Sid Jacobs

Lois Hoffman knows her “social media stuff.” She leads a great workshop that allows for discussion, sharing, and questions. I learned so much and am encouraged. ~ Patti Paulus, Co-Owner, The Palette & The Page

Well designed workshop. Attendees participated, yet, the instructor “stayed” with her outline. I, personally, learned a great deal and will begin my writing experience this month. Thank you. ~ Barbara

Wonderful intro to the hobby writer who is looking to expand their creative outlet by publishing and setting their work out. ~ Elliott Henry

Helpful, informative and non-judgmental advice! Thank you; I enjoyed the workshop and meeting you! ~ Anne Groo

Very informative, high-energy workshop. Really enjoyed! ~ Artika Casini

Great workshop for writers in various stages of book writing – just thinking about it all the way to publishing and marketing. ~ Cathy Irwin

Your workshop was very, very informative on the publishing aspect of getting from idea and writing to the finished product. ~ Edmund Lincoln

Great energy with the class! I loved it! ~ Tynetta Clemment

I thought Lois was very knowledgeable, personable, and sincere in her passion for helping people. Easy to follow. ~ Debbie Gill

Excellent content and interesting presenter. ~ Rasheeda Demby

This course was fun and very informative. The instructor did a great job! ~ Ashanti Wright

There was so much information! Can’t wait for more workshops to learn more! ~ Kimie Ranken, Co-Owner, The Gallery at 122 Main

I enjoyed the conversation of how and why to start writing a book. Thank you! ~ Carol Mangano, Co-Owner, The Gallery at 122 Main

Lois is great. Kept it interesting and light. Great information.

Lois was very informative, interesting, and knowledgeable about all things tied into social media.

Great job, very informative! May be applying what I’ve learned in this workshop to projects I’m considering taking on in the future. ~ Jessica St. Clair

I’ve read short, interesting autobiographies on Kindle that were self-published. Now I know I could do that, too!

Lois has extensive experience and knowledge of her subject. Great presenter. ~ Myrle Gilpin Bowe

I got to hear some great tips and insights on the publishing world in the new millennium. The instructor was informative and professional. ~ Al Zabriski

It was informational for a novice writer as well as entertaining!

The marketing aspect helped me a lot. ~ Therese Lavery

Very enjoyable and informative. Nice interactivity.

I thought it was interesting and she was knowledgeable. ~ C. Clark

You are a lively and engaging speaker.

Lois is a very interesting, amicable, and intelligent person. ~ Joe

Covers all the nuts and bolts of self-publishing. ~ Geraldine Lucas-Haji

I thought the instructor and her presentation were excellent. I learned a lot and it will be helpful as I begin my writing journey.

I appreciated your relaxed and inviting approach to your teachings. Thank you for sharing. I hope to make you proud. ~ Melissa Clarke

Thank you for an excellent presentation and learning; I really appreciated this class and your presentation.

A must attend for anyone thinking of publishing a book for the first time. ~ Beatrice Parquet

Clear and helpful information. Lois was very knowledgeable.

Fun and very helpful. ~ George Petit

Lois gives great information in the area of writing books. ~ Leah Cole, K-LAK Corp

Excellent course. Very informative.

This workshop was beneficial in that I gained new ideas on how to approach my book. ~ Rosalie Grant

This workshop gave me a starting point on if moving forward is what I want to do. It is a very helpful workshop. ~ Dawna Johnson

Nice – Small class – Personal – Good guidance for writing rookie. ~ Barry Wilbank

I am so glad I decided to take part in this workshop. It helped me to clarify my progression of activities for the book. ~ Lesley Bisthire

Gave me the information I was seeking to learn how to publish and how to get help with editing and designing. ~ Peggie Wyant

Great opportunity for motivation. ~ SDR

I enjoyed this event.

Very informative. ~ Martha Wilkinson

Very informative. Glad I came!

Gave me valuable places to start the process of my book. ~ Tina Bradbury

Very well presented! Lots of good information, some new, some that I already knew, but clarified very well. Thanks. ~ Ken Hamm

Outstanding workshop! Thank you! ~ Sharon Bruen, City of Newark

I found the advice about where to publish books the most helpful.

I received good insight into publishing. Very informative workshop. ~ Rosalia Williams

Informative on a multitude of facets. ~ George Drosehn