1001, 2017

Learn the Craft of Writing

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I admit it. I’m a learning junkie. I love to find out more about so many things it’s hard to narrow my focus. As someone living with a ravenous curiosity, I make it my mission to learn something, anything every day.

In New Year’s Resolutions for Writers, one of the goals for the year is to learn more about the craft of writing. There are lots of ways to do this from quick and free to long-term and costly. You hear me say this a lot, but what you choose depends on your goals. The investment of time and money is dictated by whether you want to make writing a career, if writing is part of growing your business, or if you’re simply passionate about your hobby. If you’re not […]

2708, 2015

Never Stop Learning: Back to School for You, Too!

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We tend to think that going back to school is just for kids. You learn lots of stuff, go to college to “be” something and then get a job with all of the knowledge you acquired. But, now that you are… ahem… older, learning takes on a whole new meaning. You can dip your toe in the water by reading an article or dive in and go back to college or get a master’s degree.

People learn for all different reasons: to save money by learning a skill they now pay someone to do like car repair or plumbing, to obtain skills necessary to cope with something like money management or assertiveness training, to feed their passion, to obtain skills necessary to get a job or advance their career or just […]