1304, 2017

Top 7 Reasons for Taking Writing Courses

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You are curious. My readers, in general, are curious people. It’s awesome! I love sharing what I’ve learned and seeing your (LED) lightbulb go on in your head. I started my company because I wanted to make it easy for aspiring authors to publish their books. Soon after, I realized that writers need help with writing and organizing before they get to the point of publishing. You want to know your book is good BEFORE you publish it, right?

In order to satisfy your ravenous appetite for information about writing, publishing, and book promotion, I’m developing a series of online writing courses aimed at giving you exactly what you need and delivered in a way that’s easiest to consume. […]

604, 2017

25 Things I Learned About Writing in Italy

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I just got back from a fabulous 2-week vacation in Italy and loved every minute of it. I explored the history and sites of different cities, towns, and countrysides and, most of all, the people. Within the immense beauty of the land and cultural history, I came away with thoughts about writing and life, in general. Let me take you on a little tour of the lessons I learned about writing while I was there.

  1. Something well created lasts longer than those which were created fast. Iconic buildings throughout Italy took years or even decades to build. We can write a book in a week, but long-remembered books took time to develop and write. Powerhouse Margaret Mitchell took ten years to write Gone with the Wind.
  2. People are motivated by fear […]
2102, 2017

Unearth the Gems Inside of You

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We’ve all seen rocks. We’ve kicked them, collected them, and skipped them over ponds. Rocks located near rough waters or lining fast-moving streams get tumbled and worn, smoothed and reshaped. Rocks tumbling down mountainsides range from jagged boulders to tiny pebbles not much bigger than seeds which accompany them on their downward path.

Yet, what looks like a rock on the outside isn’t always the case. While many rocks divided in two are bound to become smaller versions of the mother rock. Others conceal one of nature’s great surprises. Deep within Earth’s crust and buried beneath mountains of rocks, hold crystallized minerals known as gemstones.

Chiseling away below certain rocks reveal shimmering beauty. Colors so brilliant they can only be found in nature. Yet, each rock reveals something quite different. Whether […]

1108, 2015

Writing From a Different Point of View

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It is a beautiful summer day. Not like one of those hot and humid Delaware days. The sun is bright and high as random sizes of cotton ball clouds float aimlessly through an otherwise brilliant blue sky. While I normally go to my favorite coffee shop to write or hide myself away in a secluded corner of my house, the day is too nice to spend inside.

I leave my laptop at home and take an old spiral notebook instead. I fish out a comforter, faded from years of use and stained from kids’ art projects and picnics past. With the car packed, I turn toward one of my favorite spots. White Clay Creek State Park is just a few miles from my home, but miles away from the […]

2107, 2015

Get the “F” Out and Write!

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This week, I am honored to share a guest post from Carolyn Bennett-Sullivan, an expert on the subject of fear and author of Get the “F” Out.

Since my first book has been published, I’ve had countless people tell me that they’d like to write a book or start blogging. I ask them, “What’s stopping you?” Invariably I hear, “I don’t have time.” “Who would want to read it?” or “I’ll get around to it someday.” Really?

To be completely honest, I used to tell myself the same thing until a coach gave me a kick in the pants and told me to stop making excuses and just do it. What was holding me back? Fear, of course. Because when you don’t do something you keep telling yourself you want to do, […]

1906, 2015

Writing Quote of the Day

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Quote about writing

2411, 2014

Don’t Settle for Second

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While waiting on hold this morning, I worked on a cryptogram quote in the newspaper. As the answer revealed itself, so did some questions.

Once you say you’re going to settle for second, that’s what happens to you in life.

~John F. Kennedy

How often do we settle for second when we write? I can think of numerous ways we do it and probably aren’t even aware of it when we do. If you are currently writing, do you put writing off for another time or when you have “enough” time, are you self-critical to the point of paralysis, or are you writing without direction? If you have finished your manuscript, do you think it’s good “enough” and don’t edit it, don’t think your writing is worth spending money on an editor, or […]

706, 2012

Pardon Me While I Hyperventilate

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We all know that dirty little 6-letter word…change.  Whether it occurs through our own conscious decision or is thrust harshly upon us, change carries with it varying amounts of anticipation and consternation. Often, we have to endure the hard part before we get to the reason we get out of bed every morning.

In the past 2 weeks, my son turned 18 and graduated from high school.  It’s truly a celebratory time in our family, but also a time of reflection.  He’ll be off to the College of William and Mary in the fall leaving his childhood behind him. More importantly, he’s leaving us behind him. It’s everything that I could have ever dreamed for him yet it […]

1403, 2012

Know the Writing Market

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Writing marketI met with my new critique group last month. There was lots of lively conversation, inspired critiquing, and snacks. I shared a couple of things with the group about an editor moving to another publisher or an agent that was looking something specific. It was met with, “How do you know this stuff?”  I told them I would share what I read about the writing market.  I’ll share it with you, too.

Before I do, it’s important to know why you should read these publications.

  • If an editor moves to a different publisher, they are likely going to be looking for new manuscripts.
  • Editors and agents may reveal what they are looking for.
  • You know what is […]
1303, 2012

Writing When It Counts

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Writing with a messageWe’ve all been there. An issue nags us, tugs at us. We stay awake thinking about it or wake up brooding about it. Not sure of what to do, we turn to writing.

When the problems are small and personal, we write in our journals. It may just take a paragraph or a page, but it sometimes takes pages. After a while, we feel a little better. If not, we wake up the next day and write some more.

When the problems get bigger, the path is less clear. Our voices seem smaller and even feel mute. In your city or town or even on a larger scale, one little voice is hard to hear. As we found […]