2911, 2016

Why Aren’t You Published Yet?

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If you aren’t published yet, there are a few things to overcome in order to get it done. Let me first say, you aren’t alone. Here are some obstacles and solutions to problems many writers face.


The most successful writers do a few things over and over again to be the best they can be. They suck up knowledge from all sources and arm themselves with the gifts of the writing world. Here are some things you can do to increase your knowledge about writing and publishing.


Learn the craft of writing from the best in the business. Before you go to bed each night or as soon as you wake up in the morning, absorb some wisdom from writers like Stephen King (On Writing Well), William Zinnser (

501, 2016

Planning for Your Writing Business

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It’s a new year and you are excited to jump right in and get started, right? Not so fast. In another post, we explored the importance of setting writing goals for the year. Let’s take one step back. Our writing is in service to our business, so let’s take time to examine our writing business goals.

Start with WHY

You are armed with more information this year than last. You know more about your business and yourself, how you tick and the business climate that surrounds you. Why you are in business this year? What makes you want to get up every morning and put in the long hours and hard work? As Napoleon Hill asks us to discover, what is your Burning Desire? If it has changed from last year, […]

101, 2016

New Year’s Resolutions for Writers

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As we turn the page to another year and shake off the late night festivities, it’s time to look ahead to your goals, large and small, for the new year. Besides the perennial lose weight, go to the gym, and save the world resolutions, make this the year you break out as a writer. Make room in your life for what you have on your heart. Make room for these writing resolutions this year.

Make a writing schedule

Like making a doctor’s appointment or picking your kids up from school, scheduling time for writing ensures or at least makes room for writing. You aren’t making it the gym if you only went when you felt like it. The same goes for writing. Something always comes up to steal time unless you hold it […]

1509, 2015

Boots on the Ground: Sell More Books

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Writing is a solitary pursuit. Promoting your book is not. Even if you haven’t published your book yet, now is the time to get out of your PJs and out of the house. If you are still writing your book, these outings will serve as a refreshing break from the bright screen or cramping hand. If you have a book in your hands, every opportunity to talk to people is an opportunity to move you toward your goals and sell more books.

Speaking of goals, it is important to either set specific goals or at least have an idea about what you hope to accomplish during your interactions. You may want to sell books, give your book away to generate reviews, encourage attendance at a book signing or

1403, 2012

Know the Writing Market

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Writing marketI met with my new critique group last month. There was lots of lively conversation, inspired critiquing, and snacks. I shared a couple of things with the group about an editor moving to another publisher or an agent that was looking something specific. It was met with, “How do you know this stuff?”  I told them I would share what I read about the writing market.  I’ll share it with you, too.

Before I do, it’s important to know why you should read these publications.

  • If an editor moves to a different publisher, they are likely going to be looking for new manuscripts.
  • Editors and agents may reveal what they are looking for.
  • You know what is […]
401, 2011

Post a Week Challenge

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I’m taking the WordPress’s Post a Week Challege 2011!  I’m inspired to write more and produce interesting and useful information for writers.  Hopefully, you’ll think so, too! I hope you’ll keep me motivated by replying to my posts and giving me feedback.  In return, I hope I’ll keep you motivated to write more in 2011.

201, 2011

Organize your To-Do’s

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Happy New Year!  Another year is upon us full of hope and new promises. With a mounting list of new things to do and accomplish, the task of organizing a to-do list seems daunting.  I’m not the only one, am I?

As I literally and figuratively try to juggle my writing schedule, business schedule, plus volunteer and kids activities, I find that non-essential business doesn’t seem to happen.  My calendar can’t contain all of the aspirations in my head.  It can hardly contain the actual commitments like picking someone up or brushing my teeth.

I stumbled upon software called Things for Apple.  I downloaded a free trial yesterday and WOW!  Simple to use and a good looking user interface.  I can separate different projects and tasks to those projects.  Or, I can just create […]