2505, 2017

Identify your WHY before writing a book

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Why are you writing a book?

Of all the questions you’ll answer, this is one of the most important ones. The “why” behind any project, whether it’s a business venture or a book, is the driving force behind what you do and how you do it. Your why is your mission statement and everything you write in the book, from the quality of the production to how you market it, should point back to why you’re writing the book in the first place. In his TED talk, Simon Sinek famously talks about why then what. Think about why you are writing your book and then decide what you’ll write based on your answer.

So, what does your why look like?

The WHY behind a memoir

Let’s say you want to

2405, 2016

Table of Contents is Key to Promote Your Book

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In the few weeks since my latest book, Write a Book Grow Your Business came out, I’ve taken a break from writing the next one, but began looking for new ways to use the information I’ve spent so much time writing. I’ve had the luxury of a few extra hours of free time to read. A lot. In reading books about speaking, creating online courses, and various promotion and marketing opportunities, I already have everything I need to expand my reach to help more people find their voice. The months spent writing and publishing can now be used to promote my book(s) and has new life in other forms. The table of contents holds the key to unlock other income-generating channels. So, if you need more reasons to write your […]

1602, 2016

Creating an Author Website: Part 1

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Authors spend countless hours writing their book. Yet, few spend the same effort on promotion. With so many tools at your disposal, where do you start? There are a few camps out there, but the smart money is to start with an author website.

Why? It provides you with a home base for your content and online presence. Unlike social media, like Facebook or Twitter, you own it and rules don’t change. You have control over the look, content, and accessibility. It gives readers an organized space to find out more about you and what you offer. Maybe it is just your book, but you may offer more in terms of workshops, talks or other product add-ons. Drive traffic from social media and other sources by including the website on a business card, […]

212, 2015

Do you really know your target audience?

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If you want to write a book, the first step is to determine  why you are writing a book and the desired outcomes as a result of writing it. The next step is to determine your target audience, the audience that NEEDS your book. Although you may have different buyer personas, the clearer you are about who is receiving your message the better the outcome. Books (or blog posts or other marketing materials) succeed when you are laser-focused on a single reader. If I am reading a book, I want to feel like it was written just for me. So, how do you do that? Start by answering these questions:

  • What problem you are trying to solve? Write down a clear and concise description of the problem.
  • Who currently has that […]