512, 2017

New Year’s Resolutions: Write Book

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New Year’s resolutions: write book

You may be asking the question, “Did she neglect to edit her own blog title?” Not quite. My intention for this post is to challenge you to keep Write Book off your New Year’s resolutions list this year.

Without challenge, there is no change. Keep your New Year’s resolutions writing-free by making the commitment now. Human tendency craves a qualifying life event prior to a significant life change. Have you heard yourself or others quote phrases such as the ones below? 

I’ll get serious about long-term savings after the next vacation. 

I’ll lose weight after the holiday season. 

I’ll finish painting the house after binge-watching every season of HGTV’s Fixer Upper.

Welcome to Unproductivity 5.0, the art of linking goal setting to procrastination. You know what you […]

101, 2016

New Year’s Resolutions for Writers

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As we turn the page to another year and shake off the late night festivities, it’s time to look ahead to your goals, large and small, for the new year. Besides the perennial lose weight, go to the gym, and save the world resolutions, make this the year you break out as a writer. Make room in your life for what you have on your heart. Make room for these writing resolutions this year.

Make a writing schedule

Like making a doctor’s appointment or picking your kids up from school, scheduling time for writing ensures or at least makes room for writing. You aren’t making it the gym if you only went when you felt like it. The same goes for writing. Something always comes up to steal time unless you hold it […]

1407, 2015

How Do YOU Define Success?

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What is success anyway? It is clearly different for everyone although we don’t always label it that way. When embarking on a journey of writing and publishing a book, setting up guideposts along the way can make the weeks, months and sometimes years more of a pleasure cruise than a pressure-filled experience. Here are different ways authors can find success.

Book sales

Who among us hasn’t dreamed of our book being counted among the best-sellers? Grisham, Patterson and you. But, for most of us, without the clout of fame and notoriety, our goals are more modest. It could be that we want to cut back our work hours, pay for vacation, treat ourselves to a few fancy dinners or maybe just break even on the project. If book sales are the primary […]

1802, 2015

Grow Your Business…Write a Book

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Grow Your Business Write a BookGrow Your Business…Write a Book

You know that publishing a book makes you an industry expert – a go-to person in your area of expertise. It’s instant credibility.

And you’re intrigued by the additional visibility and revenue that become possible when you have a book.

But when it comes to actually sitting down to write … and then publish … whoa.

That’s more than a bit overwhelming. And so you keep putting it off.

This six-week, hands-on workshop walks you step-by-step through the writing, publishing, and marketing of your book.

By the end of the six weeks, you’ll know exactly how to write and publish a book, AND you’ll have a clearly-defined purpose and plan to maximize the impact on your business.

If […]