1605, 2017

Are you tenacious enough to write a book?

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For those of you who know me or have been reading my blog for a while, you know that I am also a professional juggler. For those who don’t know me…yes, really. In addition to bringing the joy of authorship to writers, I also perform for young and old on stages large and small. The HAPPY in The Happy Self-Publisher stems from the joy I get performing (with my husband) and bringing smiles to children and their families for 25 years.

Aside from performing as a juggler, I also speak about my experiences and my unusual life choice. The following is an excerpt from my talk, “Juggling Fire and Other Life Lessons.” I connect the past to present from learning to juggle to succeeding in other areas of life. The things […]

702, 2017

Lessons from the Life of a Juggler

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For those of you who don’t know me well, besides being a writer, I am also a professional juggler. For 25 years, my husband and I have performed for audiences large and small, young and old. For the last couple of years. I had been trying to push the juggler me to the back so the publisher me, the professional one, can shine, but I realized I AM the sum of all my experiences.

Juggling speaks to who I am as a person, as an entrepreneur. Trying and failing and trying again is how I built my first career as a juggler and that’s how I’m building my second one as The Happy Self-Publisher. All the things I learned, I’ve taken with me on my new journey.

I also am […]

2802, 2011

I Guess I Always Knew

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Yesterday, I read a great post on Freshly Pressed by Susan on her blog Three Cats on a Sofa.  It is called Letter to My Past Self.  I contemplated her idea.  What would I write to give the younger me more insight and more direction?

While I like the idea, it struck me that the younger me didn’t want to hear it.  As a young adult, a time for me of selfish indulgence, I needed to break free and make it in the world…or not.  I needed to fall flat, make mistakes, and get dirty.  I needed to be inefficient and poor, impulsive and stupid.  There wasn’t anything a “real” adult could have said to make me a better decision maker.  I just needed time to grow up.

Ironically, I […]

1401, 2011

Learning to Write

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What we learn to do we learn by doing.
— Aristotle

Aside from being a writer, I am a juggler by trade.  I have been performing with my husband for almost 20 years making kids laugh and getting paid for it.  What I didn’t know when I started juggling, was how learning to juggle would change how I learned everything else.

If you have ever picked up three balls and tried to juggle, you know that for most of us, it doesn’t happen naturally.  That fact is, it took me a month to learn to juggle 3 balls.  For 5 minutes every day,  I would throw the balls up in the air just to have them fall back on the ground.  Failure.  Everyday.  Failure.

Yet I persisted.  Fortunately, I […]