2410, 2017

Believing These 9 Myths About Book Cover Design Keep You From Selling

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This guest post is from book cover designer Joshua Jadon.

Have you thought about what might be holding you back as an author? Well, there are actually several things that it could be. The one that you might not even be thinking about is the book cover design. Who hasn’t heard that judging a book based on its cover is wrong? But who actually listens to it? You’re probably guilty of this too, and your readers may be, as well.

But what should you be doing to improve your book cover design? These tips will help you figure out how to get it right the first time.

Myth #1: Your name should be front and center

If you’re famous, like J.K. Rowling or Stephen King, then […]

205, 2016

Write a Book Grow Your Business Book Release!

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It’s release day for my new book Write a Book Grow Your Business: Build credibility, establish expertise, and develop trust with your ideal client! It’s been in the works for a long time and I’m so thrilled that my vision is finally a reality. But, as much as I am excited about my achievement, the whole reason I wrote this book is to help YOU achieve it, too.

It is not just a guide to get your from first idea to printed book (or ebook). Just like a flower needs water, sunshine, and rich soil to flourish, this book will give the inspiration and encouragement to grow you AND your business.  My goal is to help you recognize the seeds of information and experience that you already have and transform them […]

1106, 2015

How Much Does it Cost to Self-Publish a Book?

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how much does self-publishing costWith more and more people curious about writing a book, services have popped up to fill the need. While you can do it all yourself for free with a little research and some technical know-how, many people need to seek out professional services to make it a reality. The amount of money you spend may be determined by your knowledge (or lack of knowledge) of a particular area and by the goals for your book. The higher your expectations for the outcome of your book, the more it makes sense to use professional services to create a professional product. I recently heard of someone being charged $30,000 to publish a book. If that’s what you are offered, […]

1104, 2015

Anatomy of a Book Cover

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How to design a book coverThe cover is the last stop in crafting your book. Edit the final draft of your manuscript before starting on the cover. The dimensions of the cover are determined by the number of pages, the paper color (white or cream), and trim size of your book. Prematurely designing the cover may result in a redesign once the final draft is complete.

Find examples

The best thing to do before designing your cover is to go to the library or on a site like Amazon and look at 10-50 books in your genre. Get an idea of the front, back, and spine of the book – the layout, pictures, fonts, and other elements included on each. Take note of […]

901, 2015

Self-Publishing in the News

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In anticipationHow to Self-Publish a Book of upcoming writing workshops, I was featured in both the Newark Post and the Cecil Whig this week. While my path to authorship is unique, we all share a common thread in our desire to write and share what we write with others. Choosing self-publishing was not only the right route for my writing goals, but has opened doors beyond what I had initially imagined. Whatever your path, go in with gusto.

How did you know you wanted to write? What prompted you to share your writing?


112, 2014

Happy CyberMonday, Writers!

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How to self-publish a bookOk, so you can’t wait. In my last post, I told you about the Goodreads Giveaway for my book, The Self-Publishing Roadmap. But, that doesn’t end until December 27th and you can’t wait to find out how to self-publish your book. In honor of Cyber Monday, I am giving away copies of the ebook version via my book page on Amazon. Do you want to learn about formatting your book? Done. Do you want to learn about ISBNs, copyrights, how to upload your book onto CreateSpace, and how to market for maximum sales? Get your free ebook on Monday, December 1st.

Click here to get your copy of

2611, 2014

Self-Publishing Book Giveaway

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Would you like a chance to win my new book, The Self-Publishing Roadmap? It is open to all Goodreads members. If you aren’t a member of the Goodreads community of readers and authors, just sign up here. Membership is free. I am giving away 10 signed copies of my book that will arrive just in time to start you on your path to become an author in 2015. How great is that?


Use CreateSpace to Self-Publish Your Book

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What is CreateSpace?

self-publish a bookCreateSpace is an Amazon company that facilitates the preparation of your book for sale and distribution. On the site, you will register the title, subtitle, and author name, be given an ISBN (or register your own), upload your book contents, upload or create your cover design, designate the sale price for your book, and choose your desired channels of distribution.

CreateSpace is a print-on-demand publisher. That means your book is printed only when someone buys your book on Amazon or other online outlets. The plus side of print-on-demand is the lack of upfront costs. If you format the manuscript, design the cover, and upload it yourself, it will be listed on the Amazon website at no cost to […]

411, 2014

The Self-Publishing Roadmap

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How to self-publish a bookWoooooo! It was a year and a half in the making. Lots of coffee and trips to Panera. Writing and editing and editing and editing…. I am so excited! My first book signing was at Delaware Authors Day in Lewes, DE with more to follow.

After I wrote my first book, The Almost Perfect Birthday Party, people asked me about my self-publishing journey. I began to write a few notes, which turned into a few pages until I discovered that I had written a book. It has been a year full of research and discovery. Now, I embark on the second phase of the process with a book launch and promotion.

Here is a brief description of […]