2012, 2016

How to Create a Speaker One-Sheet

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The beauty of being a writer is the diversity of opportunities it presents. Many writers and authors teach workshops, offer editing services, mentor or coach other writers, meet readers at book signings and book fairs, and speak. If your first reaction to speaking isn’t “YIKES,” you need a speaker one-sheet to attract and convince event organizers to hire you.

A speaker one-sheet is a two-page (one sheet) advertisement of your personality, speaking topics, and benefits to the audience. It’s one of the best marketing assets in your toolbox to get in front of decision makers charged with finding engaging, relevant speakers for their event. Your job is to convince them that you are the one they should, no, NEED to hire.

According to Karen Saunders, a speaker one-sheet should answer these […]

1805, 2015

10 Effective Ways to Use a Book to Generate Business

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generate businessYou know that writing a book is a fast-growing trend. For the business professional, it has not only become a curiosity but a necessity, as well. With a crowded marketplace for coaches and consultants, marketers and real estate professionals and other professionals who are judged based on trust and expertise, writing a book it a valuable tool to get noticed and get hired. The problem is, how do you use the book to generate the business you want? Here are ten effective ways to use a book to generate business.

As a giveaway

Perhaps giving away your book was not your first thought. You want to sell your book and make money, right? Maybe. The first thing to […]