1912, 2017

Making time for writing during the holidays

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Shopping. Cooking. Decorating. Wrapping. Visiting. Hosting. Celebrating. Yikes!

Who has time for writing?

Maybe you can’t hole away for hours at a time with the excitement and commotion at this time of year, but you can use this time to advance your writing. Here are just a few ideas to take you through this holiday season and come out on the other side more prepared, more productive, and more inspired.

Engage family, friends, and colleagues.

Cultivate a core fan base. Your friends, family, and fellow journeymen are the center of your outreach effort. Book promotion is most effective if you begin the moment you start writing a book. Spread the word about your current writing project. Share your excitement about your topic, research, or your writing life. Ask for stories to use in your […]

1005, 2016

Talk your book

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For those who find typing a challenge or who, like me, have handwriting that makes hieroglyphics seem legible, you can talk your book instead. Some may find this method less intimidating than writing. Others of us are great talkers, gifted with better oral skills than written ones.

It is a way to get your writing started and get thoughts out of your head quickly. Even if typing or writing it out is your preferred method, it may be the perfect solution if you are stuck on a chapter (or stuck in traffic). It uses different parts of your brain and the results may surprise you. Although it may not be perfectly typed as dictated, I find it easy to clean up the writing manually. In any case, it is at least worth […]