606, 2017

Blog Your Book in 10 Manageable Steps

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You’ve been blogging for a while and you have a lot of great content, right? Your readers love what you’re sharing and they want more. Why not turn all your words into a book that informs, inspires, or entertains your readers? Why not sprinkle a little magic dust on your hard work and make the transformation into an author? Why not blog your book?

If you already have a blog or a series of articles and want to turn it into a book, this post will get you to the heart of it.

Turning your blog into a book is both easier and more challenging than starting from scratch. It’s easier because you already have lots of content written which can save you tons of time. It’s harder because you’re trying to […]

1606, 2015

How to Make Sure Your Self-Published Book Doesn’t Stink

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how to self-publish a bookThe truth…writing a book isn’t hard. Writing a good book is harder.

Can you spot a self-published book? Does the cover give it away or is it the grammatical mistakes or something else? Here are some critical things to consider to make sure your self-published book doesn’t look, well, self-published.

Develop your hook.

A hook is more than a catchy description. It is what differentiates your book from all other books on the market. Take time to research and read previously published books and find a unique angle that makes your book stand out. Write something that no one has ever written or from a different perspective. Find the gap in the knowledge or told by an unexpected […]