1509, 2017

Adventures in Writing Nonfiction Launch!

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It’s launch week for my online writing course, Adventures in Writing Nonfiction: A roadmap for writing a book people want to read!

I began working on this project in January – writing, editing, filming, and finally sending it into video production to create a course that would help YOU realize your dream of becoming an author.

And just like the exhilarating feeling I’m experiencing now with launching my course, you’ll feel that when you publish your book. Let me tell you, it feels great!

writing nonfiction
What’s included in the course:

10 modules containing 41 high-quality video lessons

Downloadable audio of each lesson, if you prefer learning on the go

207, 2015

What’s Your Book’s Hook?

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In a book, the hook is the unique selling proposition (USP). It is the promise you make to the reader and how you intend to deliver it. It is what makes a reader curious enough to look inside the pages and then choose your book over the book next to it on the shelf. A successful hook identifies the ideal readers’ pain point and compels them to trust in your book to find the answers.

Suppose you want to write a book on healthy eating. There are A LOT of books on the topic. How do you make your book stand out?


Go to the library, a bookstore or look on Amazon for books on your topic. Read the description and the introduction. Take notes on the specific topic and USP for […]