1001, 2017

Learn the Craft of Writing

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I admit it. I’m a learning junkie. I love to find out more about so many things it’s hard to narrow my focus. As someone living with a ravenous curiosity, I make it my mission to learn something, anything every day.

In New Year’s Resolutions for Writers, one of the goals for the year is to learn more about the craft of writing. There are lots of ways to do this from quick and free to long-term and costly. You hear me say this a lot, but what you choose depends on your goals. The investment of time and money is dictated by whether you want to make writing a career, if writing is part of growing your business, or if you’re simply passionate about your hobby. If you’re not […]

1904, 2016

Write a Book Grow Your Business Unveiled

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Drum roll please…

I just received the proof of my new book, Write a Book Grow Your Business: Build credibility, establish expertise and develop trust with your ideal client. I couldn’t be more excited! After 15 months of researching, writing, editing, and production, the book finally came to life. There are a few more steps before I hand it over to the Amazon gods and many more hours of marketing and promotion ahead of me. For now, I’ll relish the accomplishment of realizing another goal­—my third book.

You might wonder if finishing a third book is as joyful as the first. Athletes are often asked how winning a second or third Super Bowl compares to the first if they are lucky enough to be in that position.

Each book starts with a […]

3112, 2014

29 Reasons You Know You Are Ready to Write a Book

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Write a bookHow do you know if writing a book is for you? Here are some clues.

1. You have a blog.
2. You go to book signings with filled with envy.
3. You keep a journal.
4. You own a business.
5. You watch a movie and think, “I wish I had thought of that.”
6. You like to review other books.
7. You read a lot.
8. You like to make people laugh.
9. You know a lot about a particular subject.
10. You find yourself correcting mistakes in books you read.
11. You experienced something traumatic and want to help others dealing with the same thing.
12. You love to read or tell stories to children.
13. You have read almost all of the books in your favorite genre.
14. You are […]