1611, 2016

Obstacles to Selling Your Book, Part 2

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In 7 Obstacles to Selling Your Book, we discussed the external factors that inhibit your book sales. In Part 2, we’ll look at how we get in our own way. I encourage you to take notes and write down your thoughts and, if you’re brave, let us know what you discovered.

Don’t believe in your book

Of all of the reasons that your book isn’t selling, one of the biggest reasons for lackluster or no sales at all is you don’t believe your book is worthy of the price tag you put on it. There are a few possibilities as to why you feel this way: you know you didn’t do the work to carefully craft and revise it, you didn’t hire an editor to edit it, you got negative reviews, or […]

811, 2016

7 Obstacles to Selling Your Book

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I’ve yet to talk with an author that says, “My book is selling better than expected and I don’t need to figure out how to sell more.” Most authors express the opposite. “How do I sell more books?”

In talking with authors about their books and their marketing or lack of it, there are similarities that arise that get in the way of improving sales. Many of these issues could have been resolved before the book was written and published and some are post-publication fixes. This isn’t an exhaustive list. Check back next week for part 2 when I discuss the obstacles an author faces personally when selling their book. For now, let’s talk about the 7 obstacles to selling your book.

No market

One reason a book may not sell well is […]

1201, 2016

Do You Have a Grip on Your Sales?

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With limited time in every day and every week, business professionals of all stripes find it difficult to prioritize all that needs to be done. Getting paying customers is paramount to surviving and thriving as a business. Whether you are selling books, consulting, coaching or something else, what is most important in ushering a potential customer through the sales cycle? Find out if your activities are balanced to keep a constant flow of customers coming your way.

Get noticed

Be the go-to resource to solve your target customer’s problems. Provide free, quality content consistently to engage, delight or entertain for your followers.  While that doesn’t have to mean every day, it does mean you need to plan and schedule content. Planning content ensures that you deliver the best resources with the least amount […]

1310, 2015

Tips for a Killer Book Launch (Part 1)

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You did it. You wrote a book. It all started with an idea, a little spark. You outlined, plotted, brainstormed and then sacrificed free time or a good night’s sleep, battled disinterest, fatigue and doubt to research and write until more words emerged than you thought possible. You revised, revised, revised and polished the manuscript to a fine shine. You enlisted a power team of editors and beta readers to ensure you produced a book that you are proud to bear your name. Now, it is time to introduce your book to the world. Here is Part 1 of the series on throwing a successful book launch event.

Set Goals

Before you begin any of the details of the event, establish a set of goals. Your launch doesn’t have to be atop […]